The Tarrant County Information Technology Department (ITD) is the central organization responsible for providing IT services.  ITD provides thought leadership and technical expertise for multiple public/private and intergovernmental partnership initiatives.  Tarrant County continues to take a leading role in statewide urban county shared services collaborations to develop state-of-the-art juvenile and adult justice system-related software solutions to replace aging and antiquated mainframe-based applications.  The ITD also provides the technical management and infrastructure expertise needed to enable local communities to contract with County agencies for services that can be delivered by the County more cost effectively than through the individual cities or towns.

Tarrant County ITD leaders are regularly invited to share whitepapers and presentations to local, national and international industry-specific and/or technical forums on the groundbreaking and innovative organizational and innovative business processes used within Tarrant County.

Looking to the future, Tarrant County is actively engaged with local academic institutions in exploratory discussions about collaborative possibilities to add value to existing academic research and to cultivate and develop a ready talent pool with the necessary skills and experience to meet future technical employment needs within the ITD and local community.  


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