As individuals are identified as possible Zika patients, Tarrant County Public Health has prepared a Zika Home Care Kit to help educate them regarding the virus. The kits are NOT being provided to the general public.

Zika home care kit - front
Insect repellent with Deet
Condom packet, front
Zika home care kit - inside
Mosquito Dunks


The kit is a small cardboard box consisting of items and information that can help individuals protect themselves against mosquito bites.



Among the items is a can of mosquito repellent containing DEET. This is for the individual to use on their person and clothing when outside. There is also a package of mosquito dunks. These can be placed in outdoor sources of water, like ponds, that can't be easily drained.


Because Zika can be sexually transmitted, a condom packet is also included, along with educational materials.

Information in the kit includes a Zika Fact Sheet that explains more about the virus, a Backyard Checklist that can help homeowners eliminate potential mosquito breeding areas on their property, and a "Mosquitos Suck!" door hanger that offers further tips on mosquito elimination.

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