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CAUSE NUMBER ACCOUNT NUMBER STATUS                              
D18408-18 01719416 Sold
D19563-18 03915999 Withdrawn
D25745-20 40267091 (40267091TAR) Withdrawn
D25745-20 40267105 (40267105TAR) Withdrawn
D25745-20 40267113 (40267113TAR) Withdrawn
D25967-20 42327502 Sold
D26280-20 02517191 Withdrawn
D29238-21 02453452 Withdrawn
D31474-22 03058204 Sold
D33544-22 01693859 Withdrawn
D33662-22 02190486 Withdrawn
D34398-22 03798135 Withdrawn
D34440-22 04486250 Withdrawn
D34569-22 00369381 Withdrawn
D34630-22 02169991 Withdrawn
D34737-22 40673863 Withdrawn
D34801-22 01624989 Withdrawn
D34861-23 03729907 Withdrawn
D34907-23 01908278 Withdrawn
D35228-23 00871885 Withdrawn
D35277-23 03506460 Withdrawn
D35279-23 00728934 Withdrawn
D35538-23 00515973 Withdrawn




2022-001539-2             Tamar Transport Services, LLC vs. Mary Hall Harrington and Crystal McGee a/k/a Harrington


PROPERTY ADDRESS: 2760 Fuller Wiser Road, Euless, Texas 76039


TAD ACCT# 05675537, Tract 3A03, Samuel Tucker Survey, Abstract 1512, a .40 acre tract of vacant land


048-328568-21              Bankston Meadows Homeowners Association vs. Delores Johnson


PROPERTY ADDRESS: 4400 Woodcrest Lane, Mansfield, Texas 76063


Lot 16, Block 2, Bankston Meadows, an addition to the City of Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas, according to the Map or Plat thereof, recorded in Cabinet A, Slide 10203, Plat Records, Tarrant County, Texas


348-339320-22             Park Glen Neighborhood Association, Inc vs. Larry G. Trautman and Dawna L. Trautman


PROPERTY ADDRESS: 5345 Warm Springs Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76137


Lot 28, Block 63, of Phase V, Section 2A, Park Glen Addition, an addition to the City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, according to the plat thereof recorded in Cabinet A, Page 3152, of the Plat Records of Tarrant County, Texas