Resolve to stay healthy

It's never too late to start, learn, reestablish and maintain good health habits. If you've made the resolution to improve your health this year, you're off to a good start. And Tarrant County Public Health can help you along the way!

Want to eat healthier? We can help!

Trying to quit smoking? We can help there too.

Don't want to catch the flu? We're right there with you.

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These health resolutions can be broken down into smaller, easily achievable habits. One good health habit is social distancing - basically keeping away from people who are sick and staying away from others when you are sick. It keeps diseases from spreading quickly. Learning to use your sleeve to cover your coughs and sneezes --rather than your hand-- is also a good habit to develop, and it prevents germs from spreading.

Speaking of hands, another good habit is washing your hands properly and regularly. Did you know that proper hand washing stops a lot of communicable diseases? Hand sanitizers help and are useful if you're on the go. But they only kill the germs and bacteria on your hands. Proper handwashing kills and removes them!

According to reports we've received, there are a few influenza-like illnesses that are circulating in our area. Norovirus --often called stomach flu-- is predominately gastrointestinal and can spread quickly. Colds are mostly respiratory and move much more slowly. But if you suddenly get sick and feel like you were hit by a bus --THAT's when you know you caught the flu.

The flu is a very serious and deadly disease. It is a virus that comes in different strains and continuously mutates, which makes it difficult to make a flu vaccine that's 100 percent effective. But that flu shot still gives you some protection.

As we enter the peak of the flu season, we urge everyone, particularly the elderly, to get a flu shot. There's lots of places to get a flu shot. And if you're not already using those new health habits, now is a good time to start!

We're here to cheer you on!


Veerinder (Vinny) Taneja

Tarrant County Public Health Director