Vaping Blows...big time!

black youth in vapor cloud

Back in March, Tarrant County Public Health launched a "Vaping Blows" campaign to educate parents and youth regarding the dangers of vaping. Since then the news related to vaping has literally blown up--and not in a good way!

As of this entry, there have been thirteen people locally who are suspected of having suffered lung damage as a result of vaping. The numbers could be higher but we don’t know, because this is not a reportable condition to public health departments.  Nationally, there are more than 500 suspect cases like these in a vaping-related illness outbreak, along with vaping-related injuries and a few deaths.

While we know there are large number of adults who have taken to vaping to overcome their reliance on tobacco, there are better ways that are proven to reduce reliance on tobacco. Live Tobacco Free is one such program offered here at Tarrant County Public Health, free of cost!

What is more alarming is that there too many of our youth who are attracted to vaping. The vape producers have gone to extreme lengths to market to the youth, all the while maintaining a public image that they are only encouraging existing cigarette smokers to quit. They have combined a very clever marketing ploy using Public Service Announcements with heart touching stories about how vaping has helped people quit smoking, while clearly marketing heavily towards the youth with flavored vape products and clever designs of e-Cigarettes and vaporizers that would only appeal to the youth.

Petrolia ISD did a video of their own explaining some of this.   

Public Health will continue to take a stand AGAINST vaping and will continually provide information to further educate parents and youth regarding this health hazard. Please feel free to share our information.

Here are some useful links from DSHS and FDA about the truth related to vaping.

Until more research is done and we know all the risks and benefits associated with vaping, TCPH urges our Tarrant County community to refrain from vaping and seek alternative, medically proven methods to overcome reliance on nicotine and tobacco.

May your autumn be healthy and safe.

Veerinder ("Vinny") Taneja,

Director, Tarrant County Public Health

This page was last modified on October 01, 2019


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