J. M. Merrill Collection

Summary: Donated an 1899 letter and typed transcription. John P. Carter, the author of the letter, was a traveling salesman that lived at 301 East Hattie Street off South Main in Fort Worth. (The house is now torn down and is a vacant lot.) The address and career information is provided in the letter, and remains the same in the Fort Worth City Directory of 1909-1910. The theme of the letter is the preciousness of boyhood memories and is addressed to a boyhood friend. In the letter, John P. Carter mentions his sales work and territory and how he gets around by train. He talks about "pushing new brands" in North and West Texas as well as in Indian Territory, but does not mention the specific brands. He mentions family matters, such as having seven children and ends the letter by saying "Some day I may get me a prairie schooner, hitch four Spanish mules to it, load in my wife and kids and pay you all a visit."
  • From J.P. Carter of Fort Worth to George H. McLaney of Geneva, Alabama, dated October 22, 1899. The letter is on stationery from the Capitol Hotel in Guthrie, Oklahoma "Everything up to date, E.G. Millikan, Manager, Special Attention to the Traveling Public" - five pages handwritten, copy.
  • Typed transcription of the letter above, two-pages, single-spaced
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