Tarrant County



Summary: By no means does the Tarrant County Archives house all documents of historic value that belong to the County. Each department in the County may request that documents be stored in the Tarrant County Archives. Below are the current holdings listed by department:


  • Book: Trends Update 1987: An Economic, Demographic, and Financial Update; Tarrant County Facts, Figures, and Trends prepared by Howard Friedman, Management Research Services
  • Photographic Series: Photographs taken on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Tarrant County Courthouse, October 10, 1995, Commissioners Court meeting held in 1895 Courthouse in State Court of Appeals Courtroom. All photos are 3 by 5 inches, color
    • Suzanne Henderson, County Clerk
    • Suzanne Henderson reading the minutes
    • County Judge Tom Vandergriff
    • Commissioner J. D. Johnson
    • Former County Judge Howard Green with TCHC member Lenora Rolla
    • Commissioners Court preparing for meeting
    • Judge Vandergriff reading at meeting
    • Rev. B. L. McCormick, Baker Chapel, giving invocation
    • J. D. Johnson answering Dionne Bagsby
    • Debbie Schneider, Budget Analyst
    • Tarrant County Courthouse from Administration Building yard
    • Rev. B. L. McCormick, Rep. Doyle Willis, and others
    • Judge Tom Vandergriff with J.P. Judge Barbara Ferrell
    • Jim Duff laughing with Commissioner J. D. Johnson
    • J. D. Johnson; behind him: Senator Kim Brimer, Mike Moncrief, U.S. Representative. Pete Geren
    • Mrs. Tom Vandergriff speaking in rotunda with Judge Valderas
    • Bob Hampton joking with Comm. J. D. Johnson
    • Comm. J. D. Johnson reading to Commissioners Court
    • Comm. Dionne Bagsby, Roy C. Brooks, and Comm. J. D. Johnson
    • Judge Vandergriff recognizing guests in courtroom
    • Kim Brimer, J. D. Johnson, Judge Vandergriff and assistant County Clerk
    • Judge Vandergriff speaking with Comm. Marti Van Ravenswaay
    • Judge Vandergriff greeting Madeleine Williams Fort Worth New-Tribune
    • Commissioners Court: Judge Tom Vandergriff, Dionne Bagsby, J. D. Johnson, Bob Hampton, and Marti Van Ravenswaay
    • Commissioners Court: Marti Van Ravenswaay, Judge Tom Vandergriff, Dionne Bagsby, J. D. Johnson, and Bob Hampton
    • Unknown woman addressing court
  • Newsletters: "Tarrant County News and Information" - a monthly publication produced by the Tarrant County Public Information Officer and placed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram since 1999
Agricultural Life Extension
  • Five scrapbooks covering the history of the organization from 1914 to 2014. The scrapbooks include newspaper clippings, programs, and yearbooks; some materials relate to Women's Home Demonstration Clubs in Tarrant County.
  • Publication: Fort Worth Area Clubs and Organizations, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce 1970
  • Booklet: "History of Fort Worth," Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, eight pages, circa 1962
  • Booklet: "Planting and Care of Trees and Shrubs with a List of Plant Materials," by R. C. Morrison, City Forester. Board of Park Commissioners, Fort Worth. 1933. Revised and edited in 1942.
  • Booklet: "Planting and Care of Trees and Shrubs with a List of Plant Materials," by R. C. Morrison, City Forester. Board of Park Commissioners, Fort Worth. 1933
  • Map: General Soil Map, Tarrant County. June 1972
  • Map: General Highway Map Tarrant County, Texas. Texas State Highway Department.
     1963, highways revised to July 1, 1967
  • Booklet: Soil Survey of Tarrant County, Texas by H. W. Hawker and Neal Gearreald. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. Government Printing Office, 1924
  • Map: Tarrant County Soil Map, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1920
  • Document: Tarrant County 1969 Agricultural Statistics


  • Thirty-six annual reports dating from July 31, 1911 to December 31, 1943, a single report from 1956, and several audits from 1972 to 1979

Commissioner's Court

  • Booklet: Tarrant County Texas, The House of Courts, A Restoration, October 1893 - December 1983 published by County Judge Mike Moncrief; Joe M. Walker, Walk Construction Company; Ward Bogard and Associates; Burson, Hendricks and Walls Architects, Inc. Copyright 1983, First Edition, November 1983
  • Photograph: Tarrant County Clerk J. W. "Happy" Shelton and staff, January 10, 1935, on courthouse steps. 14 by 11 inches black and white photograph.
  • Photograph: Two negatives of above mentioned photograph
  • Photograph: One 8 by 10 inches photograph of above mentioned photograph
  • Agendas for Commissioner's Court meetings, beginning with 1997
  • Three Tarrant County Election Precinct Base maps 2004, Elections Administrator: Robert Parten, using 2000 population census records of
    1,446,219. Maps are 36 by 48 inches county maps showing voting precincts. Maps have been marked in a grid pattern; accompanying the maps are printouts giving the precinct numbers with grid locators
  • Seven 8 by 10 inches black and white portrait photographs of former Tarrant County commissioners sent to archives for safe-keeping by Kaye Letcher, secretary in Commissioners Court office
    1. S. A. "Sandy" Wall. 1920, 1925 through 1931, 1933 through 1934
    2. Hugh Hightower. 1921 through 1925, 1939 through 1943
    3. Frank T. Estill. 1931 through 1933, 1935 through 1939
    4. Jess Holder. 1943 through 1949
    5. J. W. "Jim" Owens. 1949 through 1955
    6. Earl Johnson. 1955-1961
    7. R. F. "Dick" Lewis.  Precinct 3. 1961 through 1975
  • Book: The House of Courts, A Restoration, October 1893 through December 1983, Leather bound commemorative book number 91/105, December 3, 1983. Published by Tarrant County
  • Book: Pioneers Rest Cemetery Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas Compiled by Weldon Hudson and Barbara Knox. Published by Fort Worth Genealogical Society. Copyright 2001
  • Book: Texas Preservation Handbook for County Historical Commissions, Published 2002, by the Texas Historical Commission, Austin, Texas. F. Lawrence Oaks, Executive Director. Green loose-leaf binder
  • Photograph: County Judge Mike Moncrief (1975- 1986). 8 by 10 inches color photograph. Photographer is unknown
  • Book: The County Year Book, 1978. National Association of Counties and International City Management Association. Washington, D.C. Volume 4, 1978. Hardback
  • Book: Fort Worth, Texas. The Business Climate, The Industrial Market . Prepared for Continental National Bank, Fort Worth, Texas. Prepared By Moore Diversified Services, Inc. Fort Worth, Texas. November 1977. Hardback
  • Photograph: Five men standing outside building with steps. Printed on card matting: Mrs. J. B. Cummins, Snyder, Texas. Written in blue ink on back: Grandpa Lowe. This picture was made on the Courthouse steps. When he was Commissioner Note with photograph says: John Adams 626-7448 2318 Lee Fort Worth, Texas 76106. 5 by 7 inches, black and white, sepia-toned print, with damage on photograph and water soiling on cardboard mat, which is chipped and torn, circa 1890.

Convention Center

  • Manual: "Convention Liaison Manual, A Working Guide for Successful Conventions," Copyright 1961, by Convention Liaison Committee. Printed by McCall Printing Company, Washington, D.C.
  • Directory: "Successful Meetings, 22nd Annual International Convention Facilities Directory." April 1975. 1422 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia
  • Two calendars, 1993, Tarrant County Convention Center
  • Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce "Communique‚" Vol. 17, No. 7, June 27, 1969
  • Brochure: "The City of Fort Worth Incomparable"
  • Brochure: "Tarrant County Convention Center"  Fort Worth, Texas
  • Program: Miss Teenage America Pageant 1971, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Texas Bar Journal, June 22, 1969. Vol. 32, No. 6.
  • "Action '69." Program and Committee Roster for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
  • 1970 Business Guide, published by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
  • 1971 Business Guide, published by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
  • "Fort Worth" monthly publication of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. March, April, May, June, August, September, October, December 1969
  • "Fort Worth" monthly publication of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. March, April, August, October, November, December 1970
  • "Fort Worth" monthly publication of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. February, April, May 1971
  • Booklet: 13 copies of "Fort Worth. Where you can see forever". Published by the Continental Bank of Fort Worth, 1971
  • Booklet: "Key" magazine. April 1970
  • Photograph: The International Talent Weekly Performance Newspaper, July 20, 1979, Vol. 9, No. 10. Aerial photograph of Tarrant County Convention center and downtown Fort Worth
  • "Texas Highways" June 1975
  • "Trinity Valley Progress", March to April 1969. Published by Trinity Improvement Association
  • "Texas Food Merchant"  August 1971, Vol. 29, No. 12

County Clerk

Most of the materials in the County Clerk Collection are housed offsite in remote storage. Advanced notice is required to view the original records. Digitized versions of many of the County Clerk records can be found on the Tarrant County Historic Ledgers page.

  • Three hundred forty nine boxes County Clerk Civil and Criminal Cases, 1875 to 1944
  • Forty-two boxes Tarrant County Marriage Licenses, 1876 to 1977
  • Book: Inventory of County Records, Tarrant County Courthouse, Volume I, a project of The Texas County Records Inventory Project, North Texas State University, Denton, Texas.
  • Printed index of microfiche Probate Records, filmed from records of the County Clerk
  • Early Probate Records for Tarrant County, most from period prior to Courthouse fire, March 29, 1876
    • Beginning with Probate 1 (Francis Throop) to Probate 70 (Archibald A. Freeman)
    • Beginning with Probate 71 (Simon Cottrell) to Probate 195 (Guy Rall [minor])
    • Beginning with Probate 196 (Amanda Huffman, minor) to Probate 229 (J. W. Walker)
    • Also: Bill of Sale (no name, no date); Memorandum to District Clerk concerning Cherry, et al v. Wood
  • Thirty-seven boxes of school census records from Tarrant County, 1919 to 1970.

County Employees

  • Fort Worth City Directories, 1981-1985
  • Two brown scrapbooks, 19 1/2 by 25 inches, delivered to archives by Probate Judge Steve King. Scrapbook creator is unknown. Articles in scrapbook are from Fort Worth Press.
    • 1971: most articles are dated from this year
    • 1972-1975: most articles are from 1972, but there are few from other years
    • Follow link to fully scanned Tarrant County Scrapbooks page.

Court of Appeals

  • Booklet: The Centennial of the Court of Appeals for the Second District of Texas, Sitting at Fort Worth 1892-1992

Credit Union

  • Scrapbook kept by an unknown employee in the Tarrant County Credit Union 1978 to 1987. Newspaper clippings related to Tarrant County employees, including Bill Gurley, Jim Boorman, Reed Stewart, Judge Charles Lindsey, Ben Tahmahkera, Dell De hay, and Judge J. C. Duvall

Criminal District Attorney

Follow the link to view more materials from the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney.

  • Directories
    • Cole's Directory of Fort Worth, 1975, 1978 to 1987, 1989
    • Texas Polk's Arlington City Directory, Including Pantego, 1979, 1982, 1984 to 1988
    • Texas Polk's Fort Worth City Directory 1979, 1981, 1982, 1985 to 1988
    • Texas Polk's Fort Worth Suburban Directory 1979, 1981 to 1982, 1985, 1987
  • Fifty-three Photographs of Tarrant County Grand Juries. Many are duplicated
    • Photographs number one through number 23: April 1949 to January 1975
    • Photograph number 24: July, August, September 1948, mounted on wooden plaque
    • Photographs number 25 through number 55: undated and unidentified

Election's Office

  • Election Returns for the following dates
    • November 5, 1878 to September 27, 1890
    • June 11, 1917 to July 16, 1929
    • July 26, 1930 to November 13, 1951
    • November 4, 1952 to November 2, 1965
    • November 7, 1972, General Election
      November 5, 1985 to November 4, 1987 Book is labeled number 11
  • Record of Elections
    • Volume Seven contains envelope labeled Republican Primary, May 4, 1968
    • General Election, November 6, 1968
    • General Election, November 8, 1966
    • Creation of North Texas Airport Authority, June 6, 1967
    • State Constitutional Amendments, November 11, 1967
    • State Constitutional Amendment, August 5, 1969
  • Primary Election returns
    • July 24, 1948 to May 4, 1968
    • May 6, 1972 to May 4, 1974
    • November 3, 1970 to August 9, 1980
    • May 1, 1976 to June 2, 1984
    • November 4, 1980 and November 6, 1984
    • County 911 Emergency District, April 6, 1985
    • Watauga local option, August 24, 1985
    • Tarrant County Fire Prevention, April 6, 1985
    • JPS Hospital bond election, March 2, 1985
    • Pantego local option, December 1, 1984
    • Run-Off State Rep. District 91, April 28, 1984
    • State constitutional amendments, November 8, 1983
    • Abolish County Treasurer, April 2, 1983
    • Westworth Village local option, September 26, 1981
    • Legalize Bingo in JP precincts 4 and 6, August 14, 1982
    • Watauga local option, July 31, 1982
    • Westworth Village local option, April 24, 1982
    • Legalize Bingo in JP precincts 1, 5, and 8, April 3, 1982
    • State constitutional amendments, November 3, 1981
    • Everman local option, June 6, 1981
    • Bedford local option, December 30, 1980
    • Primary Elections, July 25, 1942
    • Primary Election, July 22, 1944
    • Run-Off, August 26, 1944; General Election, November 7, 1944
    • Primary Election, July 27, 1946; Run-Off, August 24, 1946
    • General Election, November 5, 1946
  • Binder: Precinct List of Voters, March 1, 1979; precincts 174-194
  • Binder: Precinct List of Voters, March 1, 1981; precincts 164-171
  • Cardboard Cover: precinct 100 registered voters, August 9, 1980
  • Cardboard Cover: precinct 107 registered voters, August 9, 1980
  • Tarrant County Democratic Party 1984 Precinct Chairman Filings
  • Handwritten list of precinct chairmen, year is unknown
  • Tally List for Absentee Voters, May 9, 1984
  • Computer print total for precincts (date and specific election is unknown)
  • Recount Tally List, June 7, 1984  
  • Recount lists for June 8, 1984
  • Handbook for Election Judges and Clerks, State of Texas, 1978 to 1979
  • Poll List Kits, and some loose sheets
  • List of Absentee Voters, Precinct 217, November 7, 1978
  • Memos from Secretary of State, Steve Oaks, 1978
  • Political Subdivisions and Precincts, Tarrant County, 1978
  • Recount tallies, U. S. Senate, May 5, 1984
  • Envelope: General Election Supplies, November 7, 1978                                   

Facilities Management

  • Records pertaining to Nash Building, 401 E. 8th Street, Fort Worth
    • Abstract of Title, Lots 2, 3, Block 72, Original Town, M. Baugh Survey, from Guaranty Abstract and Title Co., beginning on page six with patent description from State of Texas to Middleton T. Johnson, assignee of Mitchell Baugh, August 15, 1854, and ending in 1931, following death of A. E. Want and loan to Mrs. Charles E. Nash
    • Allied Electronics Building floor plan of Nash Building, June 4, 1979. Two drawings:
      • First Floor Plans
      • Second, Third and Fourth Floor Plans
    • Correspondence: First of Fort Worth, undated, stamped March 4, 1980. Tandy Corporation, Herschel C. Winn to Allied Electronics, George Steeves. Related to transfer of abstract and accompanying building records to Allied.
    • Correspondence: Copy of letter from Charles E. Nash to wife, Edith, July 31, 1917, with instructions of two bequests in event of his death
    • Correspondence: January 26, 1942, from Charles Nash, Jr. to C. H. Bertram, with copy of Letter Testamentary upon death of mother, Edith A Bennett Nash
    • Three reproductions of "Nash Hardware" building made from Company letterhead
    • Cancelled check of $10,000 to Edith B. Nash from C. H. Bertram, February 17, 1932
    • Correspondence: February 16, 1932 from Jesse M. Brown to C. H. Bertram on Abstract number 56989
    • Deed of Trust Note, February 16, 1932
    • Deed of Trust, February 17, 1932: Nash to Purvis for Bertram
    • Correspondence: February 16, 1937, Millers Mutual to C. H. Bertram on insurance coverage of Nash Hardware Building
    • Renewal of Note, February 16, 1937
    • Deed of Trust, April 8, 1937, renewing loan
    • Renewal of Deed of Trust Note, February 16, 1942
    • Insurance policies and correspondence related to policies from Texas Millers Mutual Agency: 1937-1944
    • Typed "Building History" according to Mrs. David B. Nash
  • Photograph: Aerial cityscape of downtown Fort Worth, taken November 2005, 17 by 11 1/4 inches; Trinity River to Nash Building
  • Photograph: Aerial cityscape of downtown Fort Worth, taken November 2005, 17 by 11 1/4 inches; Radisson Hotel to Continental Bank
  • Records: Specifications for Public Health Center, Corners Camp Bowie Blvd. and Arch Adams St., Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Project number TEX-149. September 1, 1956. Herman G. Cox, AIA. Set number 12
  • Records: General Specifications for Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas. Prepared by Associated Convention Center Architects (Preston M. Geren; Morris Parker Associates; Herman G Cox; Hueppelsheuser and White; Wilson, Patterson, Sowden and Epperly) A Joint Venture for the Convention Center. February 17, 1966
  • Records: Specifications and Contract Documents for Planting Sprinkler System. Tarrant County Convention Center. John W. Bryant and Associates Landscape Architects, Schrickel, Rollins and Associates Landscape Architects and Engineers. May 1968
  • Records: Specifications and Contract Documents for Exterior Landscape Lighting. Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas. John W. Bryant and Associates Landscape Architects, and Schrickel, Rollins and Associates Landscape Architects and Engineers. May 1968.
  • Photographs taken October 2007 and submitted January 2008:
    • Tarrant County Archives, Tarrant County Plaza Building, 200 Taylor, 5th Floor; view looking from patrons' counter towards vertical steel shelving
    • Tarrant County Archives, Tarrant County Plaza Building, 200 Taylor, 5th
    • Floor; view of length of patrons' counter from entry, looking north-east
    • Tarrant County Archives, Tarrant County Plaza Building, 200 Taylor, 5th Floor. Public entry door from main hallway.
    • Tarrant County Archives, Tarrant County Plaza Building, 200 Taylor, 5th floor; public hallway leading to public research area, with exhibition walls to right; view is looking towards exit door leading to building hallway.
    • Tarrant County Archives, Tarrant County Plaza Building, 200 Taylor, 5th floor; view of public counter, with handicapped section, looking toward wall that will have bookshelves and filing cabinets.
    • Tarrant County Archives, Tarrant County Plaza Building, 200 Taylor, 5th floor
  • Booklet: The Texas State Seal, Office of the Secretary of State, First Printing, October 1993
  • Texas State Seal: Design approved June 1992. Various images and sizes on a sheet of paper
  • Photographs: Seven color photographs, 11 by 8 1/2 inches, mounted on black mat board, Tarrant County family Law center, 200 E. Weatherford, Fort Worth. Taken in 2006 by unknown photographer
    • North and western facade, taken from south east corner of Tarrant County Courthouse. Horse fountain shown along right side of photo, TC parking garage shown on left side of photo
    • Stairwell showing 4th and 5th floors
    • Central foyer with galleried floor above a double staircase
    • Courtroom, with barrister gate open, showing judge's bench and witness tables
    • Courtroom with judge's bench, as viewed through doorway from foyer
  • Two framed awards: AIA 1984 and 1983 Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce award
  • Images on CD-ROm as labeled by donor
    • Family Law Center - AIA Justice Facilities Review Submittal (by DMSAS)
    • Angels, Disc 1 and 2
    • 01/15 Tarrant County Family Law Center (two disks)
    • TCFLC Construction Progress Photos
    • Family Law Center Photos, July 20, 2006
    • Family Law Center Pictures of Construction
    • Tarrant County ME Office PPT - Medical Examiner Project Presentation, December 6, 2007
    • Tarrant County Medical Examiners office new building photos
    • Tarrant County Subcourthouse in Arlington Professional Photos
    • Tinwell, September 26, 2011
    • Tarrant County Courthouse Clocktower Renovation, August 22, 2011
    • Tarrant County Courthouse Cast Iron, May 11, 2011, Arthur Weinman Architect (two disks)
    • Tarrant County Courthouse Cast Iron Balustrade Photos (two disks), June 18, 2009
  • Report, spiralbound, Tarrant County Northwest Subcourthouse Expansion Project, 2006
  • 1957 Civil Courts Building Time Capsule
    • Newspapers: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 15, 1957 morning edition; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, September 13, 1957 morning edition; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 8, 1957 evening edition; Fort Worth Press, November 17, 1957
    • Newspaper Clippings
    • One dollar bill signed by County Judge and dated November 18, 1957 and various coins
    • Letter: "The the Future Citizens of Tarrant County" from Fort Worth-Tarrant County Bar Association President Herbert C. Wade, November 18, 1957
    • Proclamation: On Tarrant County Courthouse stationery of Gus Brown, County Judge, “To Whom This Message May Come” signed by Gus Brown, County Judge; Bryan Henderson, Commissioner Precinct 1; C. H. Wright, Commissioner Precinct 2; W. Earl Johnson, Commissioner Precinct 3; Roscoe Minton, Commissioner Precinct 4. November 14, 1957
    • Tarrant County Road Bond Series 1952
    • Various bond coupons, pol tax receipts – one with hand written note on verso: “Bought my poll tax every year since I was 21 years old – never failed to vote in all elections and never voted against any bond issue that was ever held.” W. Earl Johnson, November 1957
    • Membership Cards (belonging to Commissioners): American Legion, 1958; Moslah Temple, 1957 (4 count); Fort Worth Anglers Club, 1956; Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Texas, Arlington Lodge No. 438, 1957; Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Texas, Riverside Lodge No. 1194, 1957; Junior Elks, 1957; Independent Order of Odd Fellows, 1957; Fort Worth High Schools Football Season Pass, 1957; Worth Commandery, Knights Templar, 1957
    • Newsletter: Optimist Club Cowbell Volume XXIII No. 15, “The Honorable Jim Wright, Congressman of the 12th District of Texas will be our guest Friday” October 11, 1957
    • Photographs
      • Image of seven men identified by hand writing in ink starting a fire of bond documents in front of the County Courthouse.  Men are identified as Gus Brown, County Judge; Bryan Henderson, Commissioner Precinct 1; C. H. Wright, Commissioner Precinct 2; W. Earl Johnson, Commissioner Precinct 3; Roscoe Minton, Commissioner Precinct 4, Treasurer Bill Gurley, and J. M. Williams, County Auditor
      • Children of Roscoe Minton, Commissioner Precinct 4 (see “other” for items accompanying photograph)
    • Reports and Directories
      • Builders of Texas Volume III, Butcher and Sweeney, Inc. General Contractors and builders
      • Tarrant County 1957 Budget, J. M. Williams, County Auditor, 1957
      • Annual Financial Report December 31, 1956 Embracing County of Tarrant and Common School District, , J. M. Williams, County Auditor
      • Rotary Club of Fort Worth, Texas 1956-1957 directory, 1957
    • Other
      • Note on torn cardboard in ink: “This box laid in wall by Charley Wilkerson, Brick Foreman, and Tom Malone, Mortar Man, November 18, 1957”
      • Lock of hair of Kay Minton,  daughter of Roscoe Minton, Commissioner Precinct 4 (see photographs above – this item and photograph were in unaddressed envelope from Auditors’ office; small typed note identifies owner of lock of hair and is dated 11-18-57
      • In Greines bag (separate plastic bag contained scrap of paper saying “Greines 11-18-57” – contained one penny, three cards): Card enrolling Homa S. Hill in Supreme Court of Texas, 1957; Humble Oil Credit Card; 75 cent Golden Gloves admission ticket for event at Will Rogers Coliseum, 1958
  • Copy Print, 8 by 10 inches, of architects of 1895 Courthouse Louis Curtis, 1900, and Frederick C. Gunn, 1904
  • Sixty-nine color photo prints, 8 by 10 inches, of 1895 Courthouse, interior and exterior
  • Sixty-three color snapshot images of 1895 Courthouse, some depicting events
  • Sheriff Dee Anderson giving award
  • Commissioner Roy Brooks at outdoor event
  • Four exterior images of 100 Weatherford Street, Tarrant County Administration Building; one image has choral group of school children, color snapshots
  • Sixteen color snapshots of Facilities events, Food Bank, sponsored walks, school groups, End Hunger
  • Two sets of color slides, unidentified
  • Telephone Directory, circa 1958-1959
  • Exit light from old Civil Courts Building, circa 1958

Human Resources

  • Twenty color 4 by 6 inches photographs taken by various people on County staff; three color images made on computer printer
    1. "Sound of Music" with waterfall, 1st place, Information Technology
    2. Bass Hall, second place, Resource Connection
    3. "U-2 can make a difference," third place, Sheriff's Department, Confinement, Old Jail
    4. County Clerk's Office
    5. Transportation Department Wagon driven by two monkeys with sign saying "Food Bank or Bust"
    6. Auditor's Office, "Chew Chew"
    7. Probate Court 1 and 2. "Election 2000" with Bush and Gore
    8. Budget Office, Debbie Schneider as Bank President
    9. Budget Office, The Budget Bank of Tarrant County, with Freida, Amanda, and Vickie
    10. Budget Office, Paul Wood by Frontier Safe Company
    11. Community Supervision and Corrections Department; Christmas creche with fireplace scene
    12. Community Supervision and Corrections Department; "Charlie's Angels"
    13. Poster with photographs of various can displays
    14. Budget Department holding award; collected most pounds of cans
    15. Fred Erickson; individual who raised the most money at Heart Walk
    16. Sheriff's Department; Cold Springs
    17. Sheriff's Department; Green Bay, second place for most pounds collected
    18. Wanda Bogus, County Clerk's office; Heart Walk Team
    19. Canned Food Creative Display, second place; Resource Connections
    20. Information Technology, 1st place creative display
    21. "Scales of Justice"; entry from District Attorney's Office
  • Twenty-five color photographs 4 by 6 inches; photographer unknown; no negatives
    1. Commissioner for a day
    2. "Walker, Texas Ranger" filming of last episode at courthouse, March 29, 2001
    3. "Walker, Texas Ranger" onlookers with trooper car
    4. "Walker, Texas Ranger" set with man in camouflage
    5. "Walker, Texas Ranger" Chuck Norris in center in black Stetson
    6. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, Deputy at table with kids
    7. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, woman in yellow hat with kids
    8. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, children under tent listening
    9. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, girls drawing, woman cutting
    10. 13th Annual Employee Appreciation Day
    11. Judge Vandergriff with Glen Shaw
    12. Judge Vandergriff with Glen Shaw on podium
    13. Commissioner with honorees
    14. Dionne Bagsby with people
    15. Glen Whitley with people
    16. Annual Employment Appreciation Day entertainment
    17. Band on stage, man playing trumpet
    18. Band, five players, all with strings
    19. Al Roy, employee, Public Health Department
    20. Girl singer with band
    21. Plant sale
    22. Crowd by pant sale
    23. Chairs in front of stage
    24. Crowd by stage, chairs
    25. Crowd with plant sale
  • Eighteen color 4 by 6 inches photographs of various County-related events:
    1. Commissioner Dionne Bagsby with choir from O D Wyatt High School, Fort Worth, on occasion choir performed a holiday program for Commissioners Court, December 11, 2001
    2. Representatives from First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, delivering about 10,000 cookies to the Tarrant County Jail,  December 14, 2001. Included with cookies was paper wreath with holiday greetings
    3. "Kick the Can" fundraiser for Tarrant Area Food Bank: winning team from Tarrant County Public Health Department holding trophy on Main Street, Fort Worth, November 2, 2002
    4. "Kick the Can" fundraiser for Tarrant Area Food Bank: Tarrant County Housing Department dressed as Elvis Presley impersonators, November 2, 2001
    5. National Adoption Day, 233rd District Judge Bill Harris at his bench surrounded by stuffed bears, November 17, 2001
    6. National Adoption Day, 325th District Judge Judith Wells and 324th District Judge Brian Carper in courtroom surrounded by stuffed bears
    7. National Adoption Day, 360th District Judge Debra Lehrmann surrounded by Family Clerks, November 17, 2001. Excerpt from Tarrant County newsletter, Winter 2002
    8. 2002 Winter Olympics torch relay through downtown Fort Worth, December 12, 2001. Photos number eight - 18 are all related to this relay. Photo number eight shows Courthouse with police escort coming south from W. Weatherford
    9. Bus escort with logo: light the fire within
    10. Escort cars passing First Street and Main, with Courthouse in rear of parade
    11. Crowd on sidewalk waiting for torch-bearer
    12. Female torch-bearer in white suit, followed by male runner in blue
    13. Female torch-bearer at 1st and Main with two runners in blue on either side
    14. Wider angle of number 13, showing crowd on sidewalk, news truck by curb
    15. Side shot of runner with torch by northeast corner of Worthington Hotel
    16. New runner in white with white cap approaching torchbearer
    17. Hand-off of torch being carried out at 2nd and Main
    18. Male torch-bearer in white continuing south on Main. Christmas tree standing at intersection of 4th and Main.
  • Eleven color, 4 by 6 inches photographs, no negatives. Photographers are unknown
    1. Commissioners Court, December 11, 2001. From left to right: Commissioner Dionne Bagsby, Commissioner Marti Van Ravenswaay, County Judge Tom Vandergriff, Commissioner Glen Whitley, Commissioner J D Johnson
    2. Commissioner Dionne Bagsby with the O D Wyatt High School choir, December 11, 2001.
    3. O. D. Wyatt High School choir, singing carols, hallway of County Administration Building, December 11, 2001
    4. County Employee Appreciation Day, Judge Brent Carr, CCC9, Family and Friends, perform as a band, May 7, 2002. At main entrance of County Administration Building, 100 E. Weatherford
    5. Some of 25 and 30 year employee honorees seated before the stage
    6. County employees enjoying festival, Administration Building in rear
    7. County employees at festival, Courthouse and Civil Courts in rear
    8. Some honorees on stage with Judge Vandergriff
    9. Emcee Michael Scott, NBC Channel 5, at podium
    10. Lilly Newfarmer, Tarrant County Credit Union president, at podium
    11. Choir from Ambassadors of Christ Christian Academy performing
  • Three color 4 by 6 inches photographs taken October 30, 2002
    1. County Judge Tom Vandergriff giving Welcome and introductions
    2. Judge Judith Wells, 325th District Court speaking at podium
    3. Crowd after the ceremony on site
  • Employee Service Recognition Pins
    • Ten year gold lapel pin, with tie bar attachment below, one diamond below "Tarrant"
    • Twenty-five year gold lapel pin, with four diamonds below "Tarrant County"
    • Thirty-five year gold charm with six diamonds in oak leak garlands
    • Thirty-five year gold disc with one diamond; one-of-a-kind
    • Five year gold pin
    • Fifteen year pin with two small diamonds under "Tarrant County"
    • Thirty year pin with five small diamonds under "Tarrant County"
  • Photograph: Judge Tom Vandergriff and Mike Snyder, news anchor for NBC5 at annual Tarrant County Employee Appreciation day, May 2, 2006. Color print, 4 by 6 inches

Records Manager

  • Probate Records
    • Byron Akers Estate
    • A. Y. Fowler
    • W.W. Hall
    • William Hood
    • J B Johnson Elijah Justice
    • W.W. Potts
    • C. H. Rintleman
    • Francis Throop
  • Affidavits
    • K. M. Van Zandt for William M Robinson
    • M. C. Billings for J. P. and Martha Morrison
    • A. J. Anderson for L. J. Harum
    • A. J. Anderson for Severina Harum
    • A. J. Anderson for Lars Jacobson Harum
    • O. S. Kennedy for Robert Toombs
    • O. S. Kennedy for H. G. Catlett
    • H. B. Catlett for Toombs, Crawford, and Catlett
  • Bankruptcy Discharges, U S Court
    • T. D. Andrews; 1898
    • W. J. Bailey; 1898
    • Bowden Tims
    • A. T. Byers; 1899
    • James E. Mitchell; 1901
    • E. W. Taylor; 1899
    • W. H. Ward; 1902
  • U S Court, Texas, Northern District
    • 47   John P. Smith, 1900
    • 50   James S. Cox vs. A. T. Wooten, 1900
    • 77   National Loan and Investment Company vs. J. D. Wright, 1900
    • 99   Mc C Shacklett vs. Southern Building and Loan Association, 1897
    • 114   Guaranty Savings and Loan Investment Company vs. Mary A. Tackaberry, 1900
    • 222   Charles O. Carpenter vs. William A. Williamson, 1903
    • 225   Andrew A. Blair vs. D. T. Finley, 1902
    • 480   Fort Worth Iron and Steel, 1908
    • 411   W. H. Mills vs. D. C. Swan, 1908
    • J. F. Bottom vs. National Railway Building and Loan Association
  • Texas: 17th District Court
    • 391   James M. Parsons vs. W. H. and Terrell Jasper
    • 1349   M. T. Johnson vs J. W. Brodner
    • 1407   E. M. Daggett vs. Heirs of James Shields
    • 1470   Elijah L. Williams vs. Daniel Boon
    • 1483   Boaz and Ellis vs. Baker and Myer
    • 1510   Dodd Brown and Co. vs. Hartsfields and Byers
    • 1511   R. H. Parker vs. S. B. Austin
    • 1522   Manning and Co. vs. Hartsfields and Byers
    • 2830   S. B. Rusell vs. Calvin S. Choat
    • 9047   M. B. Higbee vs. M. B. Loyd
    • 9440   J. C. Terrell vs. John L. Terrell
    • 4733   empty envelope for J. L. Mulliken vs. D. C. Bennett
  • Book: 1881 Tax Book Tarrant County K - Z, includes index for each page giving the total assessments for each page. Broken spine, badly damaged from water

Sheriff's Department

  • Peace Officers Monument Project
    • Correspondence: addresses, criteria, and Texas Administrative Code, title 37-public safety
    • Research collected by Terry Baker, retired assistant Chief Deputy, Dallas County Sheriff's Department, from newspaper accounts of slaying of Tarrant County Deputy Sheriff, Malcolm Davis, in January of 1933. Killing attributed to Clyde Barrow
    • Research collected by Sgt. Kevin S. Foster, Fort Worth Police Department

Tarrant County Appraisal District and Fort Worth ISD

  • Estimate of Expenses for conducting each department of municipal government for October 1, 1985 to September 30, 1986
  • 1986 to 1987 Annual Budget and Program Objectives
  • 1987 to 1988 Annual Budget and Program Objectives
  • 1988 to 1989 Annual Budget and Program Objectives
  • 1989 to 1990 Annual Budget and Program Objectives
  • 1987 to 1991 City of Fort Worth Five year Financial Forecast Fort Worth ISD
  • Fort Worth ISD, Comprehensive Annual Report, September 1, 1985 to August 31, 1986
  • Tarrant County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, for year ending December 31, 1986. Includes Tarrant County and Tarrant County Hospital District
  • Tarrant Appraisal District 1988 Adopted Budget
  • Tarrant Appraisal District 1989 Preliminary Proposed Budget

Tarrant County Department Directories

  • 1982
  • 1984
  • 1987
  • 1988
  • 1989
  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 1995

Tax Assessor-Collector

  • Book: County of Tarrant Texas Report of Examination by Dahlin and Fitch, Certified Accounts, Fort Worth, Texas, Reed Stewart, Tax Collector; 10 volumes: 1966 to 1975.
  • Book: Revised Civil Statutes
    • Volume I: A to H 1925
    • Volume II: I to W 1925
  • Records: Tax Department Records, bound
    • Assessor and Collector's Guide Book 1935 Tarrant County
    • Assessor and Collector's Guide Book Tarrant County undated
  • Book: Abstract of all Original Texas Land Titles comprising grants and Locations to August 31, 1941 by General Land Office, Austin, Texas, Bascom Giles, Commissioner
  • Thirty very large volumes of Assessment Rolls of Property from 1879-1890
  • Book: Commercial and Library Atlas of the World, Geographical Publishing Company, 621 Plymouth Court, Chicago, Illinois. Explanatory and Descriptive Articles by Frederick K. Branum, B. E., M. S., Ph.D. 12th Ed., 1948
  • Book: Cost Sheets for Taylor Building Company, for the building of the Tarrant County Jail in 1917 and 1918
  • Stamp: Rubber stamp with "History Storage Data" from Thomas Rubber Stamping Co.
  • Stamp: Ideal 200, premium quality self-inking stamp with "For Historical Purposes Only"

Transportation Department

  • Fourteen 8 by 10 inches color photographs taken at ceremonies following restoration of the 1895 Tarrant County Courthouse. Ceremony held December 3, 1983
    1. Fort Worth mayor Bob Bolen at podium
    2. Texas Rep. Gib Lewis at podium
    3. Group of dignitaries on platform on courthouse steps
    4. Crowd scene at courthouse ceremony
    5. Crowd scene at courthouse ceremony
    6. Ruth Stone, TCHC member on courthouse steps
    7. Two attendees of ceremonies, Judge Ashmore and woman
    8. Judge Mike Moncrief and County Commissioner Gib Lewis
    9. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    10. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    11. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    12. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    13. Crown scene at courthouse ceremony
    14. Platform dignitaries and crowd at ceremony
    15. through 18. Dignitaries traveling to ceremony in horse drawn carriages
  • Building and landscaping plans for Elmwood Sanatorium and the Tarrant County Home for the Aged
    • An Addition to Elmwood Sanatorium plans by Preston M. Geren. February 11, 1956.
       13 pages of plans
    • A Home for the Aged, for Tarrant County, plans by Earl E. Koeppe, AIA.
       June 17, 1964. Two pages
    • Tarrant County Home, plumbing alterations and repairs, plans by Wyatt C.
       Hedrick, January 25, 1933. Three pages
    • Tarrant County Highway Department, Plan of Hospital Building for the Tarrant
       County Poor Farm, W. Stevens, County Engineer. July 1934. three pages, two are
       blue prints and one is on tissue; all are duplicates
    • Tarrant County Home, unattributed and undated, one page
    • Elmwood Sanatorium, a footprint of the building with detailed landscaping plans. Copy made from original still held by Transportation Dept. It is undated and unattributed. One page
  • Architecture: Tarrant County Sub Courthouse, Arlington. Remodel existing building. Earl Koeppe, architect. November 16, 1964. Three sheets
  • Architecture: Northeast Sub Courthouse, North Richland Hills. March 8, 1967. Earl Koeppe. Two copies
  • Architecture: Proposed Alterations and Additions to the Tarrant County Courthouse February 1948. Wyatt C Hedrick. Eleven sheets
  • Architecture: Alterations and Additions to the Tarrant County Courthouse. December 1950. Wyatt C Hedrick. Seven sheets
  • Architecture: Addition to Elmwood Tuberculosis Sanitarium, 2805 Kimbo Road. Plans are mainly mechanical. Preston Geren, eight pages, mechanical three pages. September 10, 1956
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