There are 16 functional elements for Tuberculosis Elimination:

  1. Conduct overall planning and development of policy, prioritize TB control activities.
  2. Identify people who have clinically active TB.
  3. Protect the health of the public by isolating and treating persons who have infectious TB with directly observed therapy (DOT).
  4. Coordinate care with other health care providers.
  5. Identify and manage high-risk persons infected with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis utilizing DOT when deemed necessary.
  6. Provide laboratory and diagnostic services.
  7. Collect and analyze data on TB cases, suspects, contacts, and preventive therapy recipients.
  8. Perform contact investigation.
  9. Complete physical assessment, TB assessment and follow-up, parasite screening and treatment, immunizations evaluation and follow-up of all refugees arriving in Tarrant County.
  10. Develop community partnerships through coalitions and build linkages and networks.
  11. Advise local institutions and practitioners.
  12. Ensure prompt, mandatory reporting of each confirmed and suspected case of TB.
  13. Participate in clinical TB drug trials.
  14. Develop new approaches for screening and prevention of TB in at-risk populations in Tarrant County.
  15. Conduct DNA fingerprinting of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis cultures.
  16. Treat for multiple drug resistant Tuberculosis.