Reschedule Jury Date

By law, you are allowed to reschedule your jury service one-time for any reason.  The deferral date must be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, at least six weeks from your current summons date. There are several ways to reschedule:

  • Use the online system, eResponse Login  After submitting the qualification questionnaire, select the "DEFERRAL" tab to select a new date. 
  • Use the IVR system by calling 817-884-3820.  You will need your candidate number and zip code then follow the prompts.
  • If you are unable to reschedule from eResponse or the IVR system, review the jury calendar to see available jury dates. Email to request the new date. 

If you have an undue hardship and cannot serve on the deferral date, please email or call 817-884-3820 with your candidate number and zip code.  You will be able to leave a message for a return call.