Campaign Filing and Finance

Tarrant County Campaign Filing Links

Note:  The information in this section below is for those candidates that file in Tarrant County only.

Texas law requires that county officeholders and candidates file documents required to comply with the campaign and financial disclosure laws.  County Officeholders and Candidates must file a Semiannual (January and July) Campaign Finance Report with the Tarrant County Elections Department in accordance with Title 15 of the Texas Election Code.   View the Filing Schedule Month Calendar and the View the Filing Schedule.

* Note  - While the Appt of Treasurer and campaign finance filings for the initial TAD elections were filed with the Elections Office, they and all future campaign filings for TAD elections have been transferred to TAD and are available at TAD, pursuant to TEC Opinion No. 603.


In addition, county officeholders and candidates are required to file a personal financial statement with the County Clerk’s office in accordance with Chapter 159 of the Local Government Code. 

  • Personal Financial Statement  
    • PFS - Filing Schedule for Personal Finance Statement
      • PFS reports are required to be filed annually by April 30th. Those who file a PFS with the Texas Ethics Commission due on this annual deadline may request a 60 day extension to this deadline beginning March 1st through April 30th.
      • Exceptions:
        • During an election year, candidates on the primary and/or general ballot are required to file the PFS prior to the primary election on a date set by statute. The 2024 deadline is February 12, 2024, for the 2024 primary and general elections. No extensions to this filing deadline are allowed.
        • New appointees to major agencies or statewide elected offices must file a PFS within 30 days of the appointment. No extensions to this initial PFS filing deadline are allowed. Thereafter, appointees file annually by April 30th.
        • New Executive Directors of state agencies must file a PFS within 45 days of the appointment. No extensions to this initial PFS filing deadline are allowed. Thereafter, Executive Directors file annually by April 30th.

Becoming a Candidate

Candidates for office must meet certain qualifications and are required to file specific documents in order to qualify to appear on the ballot. These qualifications and requirements may vary slightly depending on whether the office sought is a local office, a county, a statewide office, or a federal office.  

Procedures for Candidates

Rules regarding how the name can be listed on the ballot (Texas Election Code - Title 5 - Chapter 52 - Subchapter B)

Filing for a Place on the Ballot:

Important Links

Campaign Signs Links

Candidates should be aware that the Texas Ethics Commission, the Texas Department of Transportation, and many municipalities and schools have rules and ordinances governing the placement of political signs on public property and public right-of-way.  Contact the local municipalities and schools for their rules on signs.

The absence of information does not mean that a unit of government does not have rules in place.  Candidates are also encouraged to be respectful of private property and ask permission from landowners before erecting any political signs.  Electioneering must be allowed at polling places during voting hours, but candidates are also encouraged to limit the number and placement of signs so that they do not constitute a hazard.