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Constable Precinct 2
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Arlington Subcourthouse
700 East Abram Street - Suite 202
Arlington, Texas 76010




Constable Precinct 2 badge

Welcome to Constable's Precinct 2 Office

Constable Robert J. McGinty

Mission Statement:

The Tarrant County Constable’s Office, Pct. 2 will uphold the highest ethical standards, achieving excellence by promoting core values such as professionalism, integrity, and accountability.  We will equitably serve and protect our community by building bridges of trust through mutual respect.  We will treat all members of the public with honor and dignity, performing our duties with determination and pride, striving to accomplish our tasks accurately, efficiently and expeditiously consistent with the laws of the State of Texas, while working with other local, state, and federal agencies to help create a safer community for all.

Constable duties:
•    To serve criminal and civil process from District, County and Justice Courts
•    To provide law enforcement/Security at the Arlington Sub-Courthouse
•    To provide bailiff/court security to the Justice of the Peace
•    To patrol the precinct to help deter crime
•    To enforce court ordered writs
•    To assist the State Attorney General’s Office with child support enforcement
•    To engage with the community in mutually beneficial outreach programs/initiatives

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