County Freeport Exemption

Inventory that remains in the County less than 175 days before being shipped out of Texas is considered "in-transit" and exempt from property taxes.


Enterprise Zones

An area in need of economic development based on high unemployment and low incomes can be designated as an Enterprise Zone. The designation is initiated by a city, with approval by the State. Designating an area as an Enterprise Zone allows a city to provide certain incentive programs and the state to provide sales and franchise tax rebates. An Enterprise Zone serves as a reinvestment zone for tax abatement.

Foreign Trade Zones

Companies receive added benefit in a Foreign Trade Zone through deferrals, reductions or cancellations of tariffs and customs requirements on imports and exports. An application for a Foreign Trade Zone is made to the federal government; the local jurisdictions are asked to provide letter of support.


Historical Site Tax Exemption

A Historical Site Tax Exemption provides property tax exemption for the increase in value from the rehabilitation/redevelopment of a historic structure that is revitalized for use as a permanent or temporary housing structure, as well as, a hotel. It is preferred that the structure will provide affordable housing. 

Additional information regarding Tarrant County's Historical Site Tax Exemption policy. 

Job Training Programs

Local Workforce Development Commission will work with new businesses to locate and train workforce participants to their specifications, especially the retraining of workers who have been laid-off and those from low-income labor centers. The State offers two job training programs— the Smart Jobs Fund that provides grants to employers for customized training and the Skills Development Fund that provides funding to local community and technical colleges for customized job training programs for their local businesses.

Tax Abatements

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Tax Increment Financing