Crime and Sex Offender Mapping Site


The site provides a map-based tool to query Sheriff’s Office databases for valuable information about our law enforcement activities in unincorporated Tarrant County. There are three types of information that can be queried and mapped in the Crime Search category:


Calls for Service- This is most often an incident to which a deputy is dispatched based on a 911 call received from a citizen. Occasionally, a deputy will initiate a call for service based on an on-view activity. The descriptors for the call type are based on the information available at the time a call for service is initiated and may not accurately reflect the actual incident once investigated. A call for service may or may not require a written report on the part of the responding deputy.


Offenses- If a determination is made while investigating an incident that a criminal law has been violated, an offense report is generated and forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division. A detective is assigned to do a follow-up investigation.


The information regarding Calls for Service and Offenses is made available to provide citizens an overview of the activity in the unincorporated areas of Tarrant County, where the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing law enforcement services. It does not reflect every offense or incident to which we respond. Certain offenses are subject to restrictions. The information is updated each hour. It does not constitute the official crime statistics for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.


Visitors new to mapping applications can sometimes find them intimidating or confusing. It is strongly recommended that new users visit the Help page to learn how to use the tools to perform queries and gather information.


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Sex Offenders- The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the registration of sex offenders in unincorporated Tarrant County and the cities of Benbrook, Edgecliff Village, River Oaks and Pelican Bay. The information available here does not include sex offenders registered in other cities (Fort Worth, Arlington, etc.) A comprehensive list of all state registered sex offenders is available at Texas Department of Public Safety or national registered sex offenders at National Sex Offender Public Registry.