Contracts and Procurement Summary


During FY 2022, Tarrant County spent a total of $159,363,585 on procurement and contracting activities. That represents $73.96 per capita (per resident) based on the U.S. Census Bureau population estimate of 2,154,595. In FY 2022, Tarrant County publicly posted approximately 198 bidding and contracting opportunities, of that 198 were awarded, which signifies a total of $43,464,344 awarded in contracts.

Transparency Star Texas Comptroller Contracts and Procurement 

The Tarrant County Commissioners Court and the Purchasing Department are committed to transparency and providing residents with meaningful information. Please contact the Purchasing Department if you have any questions or concerns at 817-884-1414.

Authorized Expenditures vs. Actual Expenditures, In Millions, 2018-2022 



Procurement by Business Sector, Per Capita, 2018-2022 

Total Contracts Awarded by Business Sector, FY 2022 

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