In order to serve as a juror, you must meet certain requirements by law.  Those requirements are the qualifications to serve.  If you do not meet those requirements, you cannot serve in Tarrant County.  You are required to file the disqualification.  

The law also allows exemptions.  Exemptions are legal reasons to be excused without having to report to a judge.  Exemptions are optional. You are able to waive those and serve. 

We offer several ways to file exemptions and disqualifications.

  • Online, please visit our eResponse - Online Services eResponse Login.  eResponse is the online jury system that allows jurors to complete a qualification questionnaire to claim exemptions, disqualifications, reschedule their original jury date or receive an online court assignment.

Exemptions, Disqualifications or Postponements can also
be requested by:

  • Fax, fax the front and back of the juror information form on the summons to 817-850-2301.
  • postal mail, please mail your summons and request to:   

             Tarrant County Jury Services
             Attn: Paula Giaimo Morales
             401 West Belknap Street
             Fort Worth, TX 76196

  • phone, please contact Jury Services at 817-884-3820 for questions or to reschedule your jury service only.
  • In person, please visit the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center.