Question 3: I just moved to Texas. How do I title my vehicle?

I just moved to Texas.  How do I title and register my vehicle?

Welcome to Texas! 

If your vehicle has never been titled in Texas before, you will need to bring in the following documents:

    1.    Original out of state title.  Please note:  If you do not have the title, or the lienholder (bank, credit union, finance co., etc.)

           has possession of your title, you should request a copy of the front and back of your title.  You will be unable to title your vehicle in

           Texas without an original title (or MCO from the dealer) and these instructions will not apply to you.  However, you may apply for a

           "Registration Purposes Only" so that you can register your vehicle here.

    2.    If you have misplaced your original title, you should request a duplicate title from the titling state.

    3.    Vehicle safety inspection that has been completed sometime in the past 90 days.  These services are available at a state-approved

          Safety Inspection Station.  The inspection facility will provide you with a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), which you must provide to us

           with your application for Texas registration.   If your vehicle has ever been titled (or registered in a foreign country), the VIR is


    4.    Acceptable form of ID.

    5.    Proof of liability insurance.  Insurance must list the vehicle you are registering and show your name on the policy.  Your auto or motorcycle

           insurance must meet Texas liability minimums, which are 30-60-25.  If not, you should either increase your coverage or purchase insurance in

           Texas.  Please confirm coverage with your carrier.

    6.    Form 130U (Application for Texas title).  The form can be found under the Forms tab of the TxDMV website.

    7.    HS-7 or other approved document from Customs, if the vehicle was last registered outside of the United States or its territories.

    8.    Form 68-A, completed by Auto Theft Task Force, if the vehicle was last registered outside of the United States or its territories.

           Please note the exemption of this form for active duty military.

    9.    Fees.


If you have titled your vehicle in Texas before, but moved out of state and never transferred the title in another state or foreign country, you will need an acceptable form of ID, proof of insurance, and the registration fees.  The fee for a replacement license plate is $6.50.