The purpose of this program is to stabilize and maintain functional, non-criminal behavior in mentally ill, mentally disabled, or developmentally disabled offenders. The officers supervising these offenders utilize appropriate community resources for treatment referrals while striving to stabilize the probationer's living conditions and employment status. The program provides intensive casework services in an integrated community-based setting. Interdisciplinary team meetings are held on a regular basis with other professionals in the mental health community to further the goals of stabilizing offenders' lives.

Supervision officers assess the offender's entire range of social needs and develop a comprehensive individualized supervision/treatment plan. The officer then assists offenders in achieving a stable and substance-free, crime-free lifestyle in compliance with their conditions of community supervision, while promoting medication compliance to avoid deterioration in an offender's mental status.

A supervision officer on staff in this program works as a Triage Officer reviewing all new cases and referring them to the appropriate mental health professionals for evaluations or screenings for services. This officer works in conjunction with supervision officers throughout the department in identifying probationers who need the special services that the Mentally Impaired Offender Program offers. The program also employs a transportation officer who works with the mentally impaired probationers to ensure they report for office visits, and attend court-ordered programs.