Who do I call?


  County Telephone and Fax Number Directory

   county telephone and fax number directory


...regarding increases of property taxes or how to apply for homestead exemptions?

Call the Tarrant Appraisal District at 817-284-0024.

For more information, please visit the Tarrant County Appraisal District's web site.


...to obtain information on emergency protective orders?

Information can be obtained by calling one of the Justice of the Peace (JP) offices in Tarrant County. To determine which JP precinct you are in, look on your voter's registration certificate.

JP Precinct 1 - 817-884-1395

JP Precinct 2 - 817-548-3925

JP Precinct 3 - 817-581-3625

JP Precinct 4 - 817-238-4425

JP Precinct 5 - 817-884-1438

JP Precinct 6 - 817-370-4525

JP Precinct 7 - 817-473-5101

JP Precinct 8 - 817-531-5625


...for information about services for runaways, crisis counseling, respite care, help with my child or truant children?

For information about services for runaways, crisis counseling, respite care or help for a child between the ages of seven and 17, call
817-335-4673 or visit our Juvenile Services web page.


...for general information on the District Clerk's Office and the filing fees of the various courts?

To contact the District Clerk's Office, call 817-884-1574

For information on civil courts, call 817-884-1240

For information on criminal courts, call 817-884-1342

For information on family courts, call 817-884-1265