Unfiled Criminal Cases

District Clerk Unfiled Criminal Documents

As of January 1, 2021, the District Clerk records section has access to unfiled court documents for magistrated defendants in Tarrant County.  These documents can be obtained before the criminal case is filed and may consist of the following:

a. Probable Cause Affidavit

b. Probable Cause Determination;

c. Arrest Warrant;

d. Arrest Warrant Affidavit;

e. Magistrate Warning;

f. Conditions of Bail;

g. Personal Bond;

h. Order of Emergency Protection;

i. Firearm Warning;

j. Article 16.22 Mental Health Order;

k. Article 16.22 Written Report, to be filed under seal; and

l. Any other record designated by a magistrate.

Our contact information is:

Debbie Mahan: 817-884-3107

Diana Parr: 817-884-2666

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  • Non-Certified Paper Copies – $1 per page
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