Web Based Access Service

District Clerk Web Access

We have enhanced our Dial-In service that offered access to civil and family law computer records to produce faster access using the Internet. Web Based Access also provides the access that was added to the Dial-In service in March 1996 for access to the criminal database, which includes District Court Records. This allows attorneys, vendors, employers, landlords and others the information to do background checks as needed including access to imaged Court Documents. With 60,000 cases being filed each year into the 27 civil, family and criminal District courts in Tarrant County, good computer automation is a necessity, not a luxury. Now attorneys, employers, and the general public can do background checks from their own office.

Key Benefits

  • Remote access 23 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week using your Internet connection
  • Record searches from subscriber's location
  • District Court Civil, Delinquent Tax, Family, Felony, and Misdemeanor Court records
  • Non-refundable processing fee of $50
  • Monthly fee of $35 for 1-5 users, see application for monthly fee for additional users.

New Subscribers

To subscribe to the Web Based Access Service, go to https://dcsa.tarrantcounty.com/SubscriberAccess/SubscriberAccess/SubscriberAccessInformation and select the District Clerk Subscriber Access link.  You will need to fill out a Subscriber's Agreement and input your information in the required fields.  Once completed, send the Subscriber's Agreement to the Tarrant County District Clerk's Office, 100 N. Calhoun St., Fort Worth, TX 76196, Attn: Office Manager. The agreement can be accessed by clicking on the Subscriber Agreement hyperlink on the Application for Web-Based Access page. 

You may call 817-212-7208 for additional information or email District Clerk Webmaster.


To close an account, please fill out the Request for Closure of Web-Based Account letter and mail to:

Tarrant County District Clerk
100 N. Calhoun St., 2nd Floor
Fort Worth, TX 76196
Attn: Office Manager