Report Housing Fraud/Abuse

Do you know someone who . . .

  • Doesn't report their entire household income?
  • Doesn't report everyone living or not living in the household?
  • Rents or sublets their rent-assisted apartment or house?
  • Accepts or makes rental payments not approved by TCHAO?
  • Commits criminal activity while being assisted by TCHAO?
  • Pays or accepts bribes from their landlord?

If you know that someone who is being assisted by TCHAO, a TCHAO landlord or anyone associated with TCHAO has committed fraud or abuse, you are encouraged to fill out the TCHAO Fraud/Abuse Report with complete detailed information. You may fax this form back to 817-212-3052 or email the form to  All reporting is confidential, and no informaiton regarding the outcome of an investigation will be provided to those who make a report.