Mandatory Job Club Workshops

2023 Workshop Schedule


Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office (TCHAO) is resuming the mandatory workshops for all participants and other household members who are 18 yrs and older who are currently not working, or are not in school full-time (12 hours), or who earn $5,000 or less.  You are required to attend one workshop per month. These workshops are being conducted in-person.  

Anyone who is disabled and/or elderly (65 years or older) or those in school full time are exempt from the meetings.  You are responsible for sending supporting documentation either by mail, fax or email showing that you meet one of these requirements of exemption. 

Please note:  You are responsible for returning to any workshops if you are in-between jobs or are no longer working or in school full-time!

Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office (TCHAO) Policy

TCHAO will conduct interim re-examination in each of the following instances:

  • For families receiving the Earned Income Disallowance (EID), TCHAO will conduct an interim re-examination at the start and conclusion of the second 12 month exclusion period (50 percent phase-in period).
  • If the family has reported zero income, TCHAO will conduct an interim re-examination every six months as long as the family continues to report that they have no income.

Additionally, families with zero income are required, to attend meetings and workshops, etc., designed to assist the family in becoming gainfully employed and/or as follow-up procedures to determine any change in income -- such as attend monthly update meetings. Missing any two consecutive meetings may result in termination of assistance.

Please note per TCHAO's Administrative Plan, your housing assistance payments can be terminated for violations of TCHAO's Policy regarding families with zero income, so it is vital that you attend these very important mandatory classes.




Click on the following link to view the workshop topics being offered:

2023 Mandatory Job Club Workshop Schedule for November

NOTE:  There is only one class being offered on Monday.

The workshop will close five minutes past the scheduled start time of the workshop.  After the workshop closes, all other participants must choose an alternate class to attend.  Sign-in instructions will be given at the beginning of each class to ensure you receive credit.