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Last Name   First Name    Title Phone No. Email Address  
Glenn Tina Director of Human Resources 817-884-1510
Ramnarine Anjanie Assistant Director of Human Resources 817-884-1511
Caldera Mayra Office Manager 817-884-1118
Duckworth Amber Compensation Coordinator 817-884-1521
Albiter Shirley Community Resources Coordinator 817-884-1036
Garrison Sevette Human Resources Coordinator 817-884-1801
Johnson Jeannette Organizational Development Officer 817-884-3811
Wilson Larry Staff Development  Coordinator 817-884-2744
Dumaup Maila Benefits Manager 817-884-1012
Aguirre German Human Resources Specialist   817-884-1125
Neal Rochelle Civil Service Coordinator 817-884-3252
Laffin Kevin Employee Relations Specialist 817-212-6935
Lugo Ortiz Glorimar Assistants Benefit Manager 817-212-7035