Tarrant County Justice Court Pct. 1 is conducting E-Hearing/E-Trials by using Zoom video conferencing. It is free to download at zoom.us or you can download the app directly to your smartphone. Note: An E-Hearing/E-Trial requires that your e-mail address be shared with the other party. This is to facilitate sharing of exhibits prior to hearings/trials.

To request your case be heard via zoom video conferencing, you can either complete and return the E-Court Video Conference Request form (Print and Submit) listed below, to us by emailing it to JP1court@tarrantcountytx.gov, fill out and submit the E-Court Conference Request by Adobe Sign or by submitting your request via E-File Texas.

What happens then?
• The Court will review your request to see if your case is one that can be conducted via Zoom video conference. (Currently, Jury Trials do not qualify for E-Trials)
• If the Court determines that your case qualifies, we will send you an e-mail detailing the date and time of your E-Hearing/E-Trial along with your login information.

Video Conference Requirements
• To qualify, your computer must have internet access, a video camera, and a microphone.

What do I do once my Case is set for E-Court Hearing/Trial?
• You must submit all required documents to the Court before your E-Hearing/E-Trial. Such documents include but are not limited to: Exhibits; Military Affidavit and Certificate etc.
• You must review the Tarrant County Justice Court, Pct. 1 Rules and Procedures for E-Hearings / E-Trials Document, which provides you with necessary additional information.
• To access required forms, please visit our website.

On the day of your videoconference
• On the day of your E-hearing/E-Trial, you must log in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time and have your case number available for check-in.



Zoom Video Tutorials

Justice Court One-Zoom Video Conferencing Instructions