Information for Funeral Homes

Cremation Permit

Section 49.25(10) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure directs that a cremation “certificate” be requested by the owner or operator of the crematory and provided by the medical examiner of jurisdiction before cremation can occur.

A cremation certificate (permit) can be requested during normal business hours by sending a request and a copy of the Facts of Death Verification Sheet via email: or Fax: 817-920-5730.  This office can issue cremation permits only for cases in which the death occurred in Tarrant, Denton, Parker, or Johnson County.  The current fee for a Cremation Permit can be found on the Tarrant Co. Medical Examiner Morgue Services Fee Schedule, under Vital Statistics in the far right column.


HOW TO AVOID DELAYS:  Submit proper documentation, including written request along with a copy of the Facts of Death Verification, and confirm death certification in TxEVER.  (Inaccuracies will delay the process.)


Death Certificate

In accordance with the Texas Health and Safety Code §193.002, the death certificate is required to be filed by the “person in charge of interment.”  Although the medical examiner physician certifies the death, the Medical Examiner’s Office does not file the death certificate.  A death certificate may be obtained from the funeral home that handled final disposition of the remains or, using the links below, through either the local Bureau of Vital Statistics Registrar in the city where the death occurred: Tarrant County Vital Records or the Bureau of Vital Statistics office in Austin, Texas: Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics

For the quickest service, funeral service providers having questions regarding death certificates should email: Death Certificate Information

Alternatively, calls may be made to 817-920-5700 ext. 8338.


EDR Number

Funeral directors needing to obtain an EDR number may check for that information at any time via EDR Number Online Access.

For those funeral directors without internet access who need to obtain an EDR number, the request must be made via email:



NOTICE:  Please be advised that starting February 1, 2024, our office will only perform Funeral Home releases on weekdays, (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

Our office will no longer be performing Funeral Home releases on weekends and/or holidays.

This Authorization To Release Remains form must be completed and signed by the decedent's legal next-of-kin or their designee.  The funeral home personnel receiving the decedent may bring the completed form to TCME. 



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A non-contagious letter for transport can be requested during normal business hours by emailing, or faxing a request to 817-920-5730.  This office can issue non-contagious letters only for Tarrant County Medical Examiner cases.