Cynthia Brants Collection

Summary: Cynthia Brants is a well respected artist in this area. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where she later taught.  She eventually returned to Fort Worth where she was a younger member of the Fort Worth Circle. Brants is the grand-daughter of W.T. Humble, an Englishman who settled in Fort Worth to manage various English investments. Her mother was Elizabeth Humble; she married Harry Brants who had come to Fort Worth during WW1 to train as an aviator. Humble built a country home that he called Sealands after the area of his native England. Later, Harry and Cynthia Brants built a home designed by John Staub (of Houston) on this land. Humble joined  D. T. Bomar in laying out the design for River Crest development, country club and golf course. There is a short street west of the club called Humble Court.
  • Photograph: W. T. Humble residence (1902-1920) 1302 El Paso Street, Fort Worth
  • Photograph: W. T. Humble residence (1902-1920) different angle