Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Engineering Division include assisting the Precinct Commissioners with engineering, surveying, sign maintenance and paint striping services. Our engineering plans generally consist of roadway widening, extensions, drainage improvements or safety improvements and are limited to the unincorporated areas of the county.

The Engineering Division assists the County in planning and implementing transportation improvements in cooperation with state and local agencies to accommodate existing and future mobility needs within the county. We also enforce subdivision development standards according to our Subdivision and Land Use Regulations guide.

The Engineering Division enforces the National Floodplain Insurance Program regulations. A floodplain permit is required for any development in the floodplain areas, including the placement of fill. The permit is free of charge. However, in some cases a study may be required to ensure adjacent property owners will not be adversely impacted by new developments within the area.


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This division is also responsible for issuing utility permits, permits for the placement of cell phone towers, permits to move buildings over and across county roads and permits for the placement of driveway and/or access permits. As a Transportation Department, there are various organizations and societies that we are involved in that assist us in our day to day operations and govern our ability to do our jobs.

There are many organizations that we are affiliated with that assist us with our ability to provide a reliable, dependable and efficient transportation system. Please visit these organizations by viewing their websites.

As a local governmental agency, Tarrant County is proud to maintain and construct approximately 430 miles of roadways which serve citizens in the unincorporated area of Tarrant County. We are glad you chose to visit our website and we hope the information you find is helpful and informative. If you need additional information, have comments or questions, please feel free to contact Joseph Jackson, County Engineer / Assistant Director, 817-884-1153 or email