Misdemeanor DWI Court Program

The Misdemeanor DWI Court program is a post-plea misdemeanor probation offered through CSCD, not a diversion program.  Potential participants must meet both legal and clinical criteria in order to transfer their case into the Misdemeanor DWI Court Program.  While DWI-Misdemeanor Repetitions and DWI W/Intox-BAC O/0.15 are the primary offenses accepted into the program, Driving While Intoxicated (Class B) is also accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Non-alcohol DWI’s are also considered for this program.

The Misdemeanor DWI Court Program offers offenders outpatient treatment (inpatient treatment if necessary) with intensive supervision that is judicially supervised.  Following a substance abuse evaluation, the participants enter into outpatient treatment that is specific to DWI offenders.

Participants enter into treatment and are required to attend all therapeutic rehabilitative activities.  Attendance is monitored by Community Supervision Officers assigned to the Misdemeanor DWI Court program.  Urinalysis drug testing is conducted at regular, frequent intervals and includes testing for alcohol.  If driving, an ignition interlock device is required and during periods of not driving, alternative alcohol monitoring is required.  Sanctions are imposed for violations of program guidelines and conditions of supervision.

Community Supervision Officers assigned to the Misdemeanor DWI Court Program meet with the participants regularly in the office and conduct field visits.  Participants are required to attend court sessions monthly.

Tarrant County Misdemeanor DWI Court Program

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Presiding Judge

Honorable Deborah Nekhom

County Criminal Court 4

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