The Tarrant County Dispute Resolution (DR) department provides accessible,

high quality dispute resolution services to residents, businesses, organizations

and the courts.


DR's mission is to provide Tarrant County citizens a cost-effective,

non-adversarial resolution to litigation or conflict.




A mediator shaking hands to a client


What is Mediation?  

The Mediation Process

Types of Cases accepted

The Mediators



negotiation table


Requesting a Mediation?

Instructions to Request a Mediation

DR Rules and Policies for the

Mediation Process



Team discussion


Support and Resources

Guide to Resolution

Litigation vs. Mediation


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Tarrant County Dispute Resolution 

Main Phone: 817-884-2257  

E-mail: DR@tarrantcountytx.gov

DirectorSusan Young  Direct Line: 817-884-2360

Program Coordinator, Paola Chernosky  Direct Line: 817-884-2287

Program Coordinator, Holly Pils  Direct Line: 817-884-2401

Hours of Business: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.