• Planning to move?
  • Current Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office (TCHAO) voucher holders must request to move in writing.
  • Submit a Move Request Form to TCHAO by placing in our drop box or you may fax it to: 817-212-3052 or you may email:

Permission to move must always be approved in advance by TCHAO before a tenant notifies the landlord of their intent to move. A family's right to move is generally contingent upon the family's compliance with program requirements.

Generally, TCHAO does not permit a family to make an elective move during the initial lease term (first 12 months). Families usually will only be considered for a move if the family:

  • is not under a current lease;
  • does not owe money to TCHAO or another housing authority;
  • submits a written request to move i.e., "Move Request Form";
  • is in good standing with the existing owner (i.e. you do not owe your landlord for unpaid rent, utilities or damages);
  • have no violations of family obligations; and
  • attends a scheduled transfer briefing.

The following is a list of allowable conditions under which a family may move to a new unit with continued housing assistance prior to being in the unit for one year.

  1. The assisted lease for the old unit has terminated. This includes termination because:
    a) TCHAO has terminated the HAP contract due to the owner's breach or
    b) The lease has terminated by mutual agreement of the owner and tenant.
  2. The tenant has given notice of lease termination (if the tenant has a right to terminate the lease on notice to the owner, for owner breach or otherwise).
  3. A tenant's health and safety are threatened due to domestic violence.
  4. The unit fails HQS Inspection.
  5. TCHAO determines that the family's current unit does not meet HQS space requirements because of an increase or decrease in family size or composition.

Before a family submits a voluntary request to move, we encourage families to be sure that they have available funds for a truck or someone to move, rent and utility deposits and other incidentals involved in moving.

Once you have been approved for relocation, you will be invited to a relocation briefing based on when your current lease will expire and when your annual recertification is.