Judge Woodard Bio

Judge Lisa Woodard comes from modest beginnings in a world filled with common struggles. But through it all, she knows that all of her help comes from the Lord, and because of this, He is first in her life. With an insatiable appetite to embrace her authenticity daily, Judge Woodard believes in transparency and allows people to see that she is cut from the same cloth as they are.

Judge Woodard matriculated through the educational system of the Fort Worth ISD and graduated from Trimble Tech High School in 1984. She furthered her educational aspirations by attending Tarrant County College and received her judicial education through a grant funded by the Criminal Justice Division at Texas State University.  She continues to add to the depth and breadth of her educational tool belt. She currently serves on the education committee for the Texas Justice Court Training Center and serves on the Tarrant County Bail Bond Board.

Her quest for achievement began with employment as a clerk for Tarrant County over 30 years ago.  She successively climbed the Tarrant County career ladder and learned the many tenets of leadership, empowerment and sustainability.

Judge Woodard was elected Tarrant County Precinct 8 Judge in 2010 and boldly accepted the challenge to take the reins of the seat and further serve the great communities represented therein with veracity.  She is currently serving her third term, and is just as fervent about it as she was during her first term.  

Taking immense pride in being a woman of integrity, Judge Woodard stands for justice, equality and the uplifting of individuals no matter their ethnicity, religion or cultural background. Her passion for universal rights directly aligns with how she values lives: we are all somebody and we all deserve to be treated as such.

She strives to ensure that her ubiquitous influence is felt by those whom she is allowed to cross paths with.  As an avid worker when putting her hands to the plow, she is committed to improving social and economic conditions in our communities.  In doing so, she holds the belief that we can create a better world today for the children of tomorrow.

Her interests include traveling, spending time with her family, attending community events and watching sports.  It should be noted that she is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan!

And albeit very humbling to become the first African American female elected as Judge for Precinct 8, her most proud accomplishment is being the mother of three fascinating young men Kevin, Marcellous Jr, and Justin.

She is happily and eternally married to her best friend and loving husband, Roger and has five grandchildren, Kaidyn, Kevin Jr,  Kacey, Amaya, and Marcellous III.