Evidence Department

The Evidence Department is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence and chain of custody of all property and evidence that comes into their possession in accordance with accreditation requirements and Medical Examiner policies and procedures.  Due to the number of items and requests we receive, we recommend making an appointment for the drop-off and pick-up of evidence.

To ensure quality and ease of evidence transfers, TCME suggests:

  • Review the Laboratory Services Handbook for best practices in evidence packaging
  • Complete TCME chain of custody form prior to arrival
  • If a single case has multiple packages of smaller individually sealed items intended for the same testing laboratory, the individually sealed items should be combined into a single sealed bag, envelope, or box.


For questions or to make an appointment, email  TCMEevidence@tarrantcountytx.gov, or call 817-920-5700 X8516.

Hours of operation: 9 - 4 Monday - Friday

Address:  200 Feliks Gwozdz Pl., Fort Worth, TX 76104 (Evidence entrance on St. Louis Ave.)