Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) recently recognized five Texas counties for outstanding performance through their Performance Quality Recognition Program (PQRP). We are excited to announce that the citizens of Tarrant County are being served by a Gold Level award-winning motor vehicle team at the Tarrant County Tax Office!   Driven to Serve TXDMV

"PQRP is intended to showcase best practices for outstanding performance and efficiency in processing title and registration transactions by county tax office teams," said Wendy Burgess, Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector. "We are the first large county in the State of Texas to successfully complete PQRP requirements at the Gold Level. We are very excited to achieve this goal and realize we only were able to achieve it because of the hard work and dedication of everyone that works with us in the Tarrant County Tax Office. Best practices, innovation, operational efficiencies, customer experience and fraud prevention continue alongside our hallmark service with a smile we provide daily."

"It is clear in reviewing your office's application that you have a culture of continuous improvement and embrace positive change," said Daniel Avitia, Executive Director for TxDMV, in his award notification letter to Wendy Burgess.

"We spent the past year documenting our performance, measuring customer engagement, and streamlining new processes to share the required information that was meticulously organized and presented to TxDMV last October," said Amber Wilson, Tarrant County Motor Vehicle Director.

This recognition focuses on a variety of items based on industry best practices, including:

•    Consistently applying statutes, rules, and policies governing motor vehicle transactions.
•    Focusing on customer satisfaction.
•    Implementing cost saving measures
•    Performing efficiently with low error rates.
•    Processing transactions in a timely fashion and remitting fees on time.

We want to thank the fantastic citizens of Tarrant County. We logged every customer feedback form, comment card and online response you submitted. We appreciate the many kind remarks that were made about our dedicated staff. Our grocery store partners also supported our efforts with their great customer service outside of our office.

According to the March 8, 2023, News Release from Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, there have only been seven gold, seven silver, and 18 bronze recipients since the inception of the program in Fiscal Year 2017. The Performance Quality Recognition Program is a voluntary program available for all Texas county tax assessor collectors to apply.

For more information on what went into reaching this goal, visit the Performance Quality Recognition Program.


News release date: March 14, 2023