2006 Program

In 2005, the Tarrant County Commissioners Court initiated the development of a comprehensive bond program for voter consideration to include the construction of County buildings as well as improvements to the local transportation system. During this process, communities within Tarrant County were asked to identify transportation projects that met certain criteria. Tarrant County priorities emphasized projects that mitigate congestion and improve air quality. An independent citizens' review committee appointed by the Court reviewed submitted projects over a four-month period, culminating in a list of recommended projects. In 2006, the Court approved the recommended project list and allocated funding in four categories: local arterial improvements, transit-related improvements, improvements to projects on the Texas Department of Transportation's highway system, and commissioner discretionary road improvements.

If you have questions, please contact Randy Skinner, Transportation Director, at 817-884-1173. Please direct any questions regarding invoicing for reimbursement requests to Abbas Rastandeh, Planning Manager, 817-884-1653.