Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) uses applied-research to support the Information Technology (IT) strategic planning processes. It integrates business and IT strategy to improve financial efficiency and business effectiveness for Tarrant County. Enterprise Architecture uses best practices to steer decision-making toward the evolution of "future state" enterprise architecture in Tarrant County.

Technology. Enterprise. Desired Business Outcome.

EA Vision:  To align technology decisions with business objectives

EA Mission:  To deliver relevant information for management to make decisions on effective enterprise change

EA provides the following business services:

  • To evaluate technologies to determine their suitability within the Tarrant County environment;
  • To create guidelines, best practices and reference architectures for use in the development and implementation of business solutions; and
  • To work with project teams to ensure compliance to OCIO Enterprise Architecture guidelines and best practices.

Business Strategy. IT Implementation. Enterprise Architecture for technology, information and business.