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What is electronic filing (E-Filing)?
Electronic filing enables registered users to file documents with the court anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This system allows customers to transition from an inefficient, paper-based process to a streamlined, technology-based electronic filing (e-filing) system.

Which Justice Court accepts E-filing?
The Precinct 1 Justice Court office accepts civil filings and subsequent filings electronically.

How to E-File Training Videos


     Setting Up Payment Accounts     How to Setup Your Payment Account     How to File Into Your Case             How to Use the Icons
  How to Create a Template         How to Register           How to Start a New Case   How to Change Your Password     


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Option 1 - EFileTexas Self-Help is commonly called "Guide and File."

How to access the E-File Guide and File (Self-Help) Video

Why use EFile Texas Guide and File (Self-Help)?

 (1)    Guide and File is used mainly by Pro Se or persons not represented by an attorney.

 (2)    Guide and File is an easy step-by-step guide that will help you easily E-File your civil case.

 (3)    Using Guide and File, you answer a series of questions to help you prepare and file your forms online. 

To get started,  follow the links below and create an EFile Texas account.

We only currently accept the below New Cases via EFile Texas Guide and File.

Small Claim Cases

Eviction Cases

Debt Claim Cases

Repair and Remedy Cases

Occupational Driver License - Petition

You can currently fill out, save as pdf and upload to EFile Texas the below Subsequent Filings. (You cannot EFile these forms via Guide and File)

Request court cost or fee waiver (SIP)

Civil Answer Form

Option 2 - EFileTexas

EFileTexas is mainly used by attorneys but has now been adopted by ProSe litigants. Justice Court, Pct. 1 has mandated all filings (New or Subsequent) be E-Filed to the Court, Effective August 1, 2021. is a system that receives electronic documents (as PDFs) from attorneys and other filers via Web portals. It securely distributes these documents to the appropriate county or appellate court, where they can be accepted into the court's case management system.

You will have to register for an individual account to be able to file a new or an existing case.

Click Here to Register for an Individual Account

- Filers without lawyers (pro-se filers or self-represented litigants)
- Process servers
- Landlords and tenants (renters)
- Pro hac vice or out-of-state attorneys
- Other non-parties (for example, employers filing garnishment information)



Examples of New Cases Accepted but not limited to:

    Small Claim Cases

    Eviction Cases  

    Debt Claim Cases  

    Subsequent Filings

    Repair  & Remedy

    Writ of Garnishment

    Tow Hearing

    Occupational Driver's License

    Tax Suit


Examples of Subsequent Filings Accepted but not limited to:


    Application for Subpoena

    Certificate of Service

    Jury Trial Request Form (Civil and Eviction)

    Motion For Continuance

    Out-of-County Service Request

    Plaintiff's Motion For Dismissal

    Request for Abstract of Judgment and/or Writ of Execution

    Occupational Driver's License Monthly Check-in

How to calculate your E-Filing cost and avoid your case being rejected.

New filings include the following costs: a $54.00 filing fee, a $75 constable service fee per defendant, if served in Tarrant County (please select the correct precinct), and copy fees ($1 for the first page, 25 cents per additional page). For example new filing against one defendant with a nine-page document, the total cost would be $132.00 ($54for the filing fee, $75 for the Precinct One Constable 1 service fee, $1 for the copy of the first page, and $2 for the eight remaining pages).

See Fees. The court reserves the right to correct payment if under or overpaid.


Refunds for E-Filing (electronic filing) are made for overpayment or errors, not for filing against the wrong person or entity. The refund process takes about 2 weeks. Please double-check your filing information before submitting it.

Any questions, contact us at or 817-884-1395.


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