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Questions   Answers  
How do I file a small claims case? For more information on small claims, please visit our Small Claim Case page.
What form of payment do you accept? Cash (exact amount only), credit card with a valid government issued ID (in person only), money order and cashier's check. For more information, please visit Justice Court 1 fees.
Does Justice Court 1 do weddings outside of the court room? What about weekends? Call our office for more information.
Do you close for lunch? No.
Are the forms online? Most of the Justice Court 1 forms are available online. Call our office if you have any questions.
Is there a handicap entrance? Yes.
How much does it cost to file? For more information, please visit Justice Court 1 fees.
Where do I file an eviction? For more information, please visit the Eviction Cases page.
Where do I go to file a restraining order? Justice Courts do not have jurisdiction. Please call 817-884-1400.
Is my property in Precinct One? To search which precinct a property is located, please visit Tarrant County Comprehensive Address Information Directory.
How do I find out if I have a ticket in Tarrant County? Justice Court 1 only handles tickets issued by the DPS, Constable or Sheriff. Look up case records.
Does Justice Court One handle divorce cases? No.
Can I receive legal advice from the Justice Court? No. It is illegal for clerks to give opinions or legal advice. You may seek professional legal counsel or research legal issues in the Law Library in room 420, on the 4th floor of the Old Courthouse 817-884-1481. The Texas Government Code Section 81.102 provides that it is illegal for our clerks or any of our personnel to give legal opinion or advice.
Where do I park? For information, please visit Location, Map and Parking page.
Can Justice Court clerks help me fill out forms?
After I get a traffic ticket, how long should I wait to pay it?
If you come to the Justice Court before the date shown on your citation, it is possible that the officer who gave you the citation has not yet filed it with the court. Justice Court One will mail you a courtesy letter once the officer has filed the citation with the Court. Look up case records.
What must I bring to Court?
Bring any documents or witnesses you believe are necessary to prove your case. The Justice Court is not responsible for copying your documents. Please provide a copy for the Court and the other parties in the suit at the time of trial.
If I am sued in Justice Court, what should I do?
You must follow the instructions within the citation with which you were served.
How do I file a writ of reentry?
For more information, please visit the Writ of Reentry page.
How do I get a judgment from Justice Court One off of my credit?
Justice Court One does not furnish information to the Credit Reporting Agencies. Any cases filed in this court are considered public record and CRA's are able to use the public information from a public records database. The court is not responsible for any information that has been reported to the credit bureau agencies. If you believe there is any information that is incorrect or that you want to dispute, you should contact the person who filed the original suit.
How can I enter a residence or former residence to retrieve specific items of personal property?
For more information on Order of Retrieval, please visit our Order of Retrieval page.
Does Justice Court One provide a Civil Standby service? No.