The first full week of April is National Public Health Week

This occasion gives us the opportunity to highlight various achievements of public health nationwide, as well as locally.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a watershed event for our time. Responding to the pandemic has demanded some changes for public health. Not only did it spur some renovation with vaccine development, it also required that we find unconventional ways to provide vaccines to people isolated by the pandemic. Our staff rose to the challenge. It spawned the VaxMobile, our joint venture with Trinity Metro to get needed COVID-19 vaccines out to the community. We also developed the means to safely provide services like WIC to needy clients, and put into place new virtual programs that are providing vital health education. Out of necessity, we expanded our call center to answer questions, provide test results and set up appointments in our various clinics more efficiently.  

I am very proud of how well Tarrant County Public Health staff rose to the challenge of the pandemic.

Vinnie Taneja with staff aboard VaxMobile
logo for National Public Health Week

Now that COVID-19 has died down, we can refocus our efforts on the usual health concerns, like the seasonal flu, West Nile Virus, and others.

We've been fortunate to receive additional grant monies, which we are using to expand our capacity to handle future demands. We have a few things to look forward to, such as our eventual expansion to the building currently known as the JPS Women's Health Center building across the parking lot from our Main Street location in the next few years.

We're grateful to have had the support of our elected officials, as well as much of the public. We are continually posting health messages and TCPH activities to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, trying to keep our community informed about important health issues and the health challenges that come our way. We encourage everyone to engage with us on social media.

Thank you for your support of Public Health. We are accountable to our community and, as such will continue to serve the community, provide a quality of services we can be proud of, and invest in the innovation needed to improve all that we do.

Yours in health,

Veerinder "Vinny" Taneja

Director, Tarrant County Public Health