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Year   Title Description Creator
1901 Happy Hooligan Poster for Happy Hooligan, a cartoon strip created by Frederick Burr Opper US Printing Co. Russell-Morgan Print
1910 A Yard of the National Game--Home of the Record-Breakin Cubs Poster for the Chicago Cubs including statistics and photographs of stadium and players. E. T. Johnson and Co.
1943 "I'm Counting on You!" Uncle Sam poster Poster featuring Uncle Sam with "I'm Counting on You! Don't discuss: troop movements, ship sailings, war equipment" Office of War Information
1974 Grapevine High School Basketball District 5-AAA Champions Poster showing Grapevine High School 1974 football standing, team roster and cheerleaders. Unknown
1981 Texas Prison Rodeo Souvenir poster from Texas Prison Rodeo held every Sunday in October in Huntsville, Texas.  
1981 National Register and Texas Historical Marker Workshop Hand-written poster advertising national register and Texas historical marker workshop held January 24, 1981, at the Fort Worth Public Library. Tarrant County Historical Commission
1982 Fort Worth - Texas. Founded - 1849 Poster featuring illustrations of various Fort Worth landmarks. Patricia Tully, Nancy MacKinnon, artwork by Eloise Hankins
1985 Air National Guard Hercules Poster featuring photograph of plane.  Possibly from the Reno Air Races.  
1985 Naval Aviation: 75th Year Preserving a Proud Heritage Poster featuring artwork of various aircraft advertising the Naval Aviation Museum R. L. Rasmussen
1985 1836 Texas Wagon Trail Poster of "1836 Texas Wagon Trail" by June Marquis.  
1986 Amon Carter Museum 25th Anniversary 1961-1986 Color poster advertising Amon Carter Museum's 25th anniversary Amon Carter Museum
1986 An Enduring Grace: The Photographs of Laura Gilpin Poster advertising exhibit at Amon Carter Museum. Amon Carter Museum
1986 Naval Aviation Museum: Northrop YF-17 Aircraft Poster featuring drawing of the Northrop YF-17 aircraft, predecessor of the US Navy and Marine Corps F/A-18 tactical strike fighter on display at the Naval Aviation Museum.  
1987 The Constitution of the United States Poster showing four sheets of the Constitution. Purchased in Washington, D.C. May 24, 1987.  
1990 The Allison T406… There's One in YOUR Future Poster calendar featuring drawings of various aircraft.  
1990 1990 County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas Annual Conference Poster featuring photographs of 24 County Courthouses in Texas, with identification on separate sheet. Concept and design: Jim Duff. Photographs courtesy of County Progress Magazine
1990 Early Texas Trails Illustrated poster showing early Texas trails in the Irving, Texas, area. Earl Ayles, Cartographer; Jim Dunkley, Trails Historian; George R. Edwin, Markers; Pete Fernandez, Icon Artist; Joseph Rice, Concept
1994 American Impressionism and Realism: The Painting of Modern Life, 1885-1915 Poster for Exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum, August 21 - October 30, 1994  
1996 The Fort Worth Mounted Patrol Illustrated poster promoting the Fort Worth mounted patrol. Stylle Reed
1998 Fort Worth's Pioneer Days Poster advertising Fort Worth Pioneer Days with sponsors listed.  
1998 Renoir's Portraits: Impressions of an Age Poster advertising exhibit at Kimbell Art Museum February 8-April 26, 1998.  
1999 Helicopter Foundation International Extravaganza '99 Poster advertising the Helicopter Foundation International Extravaganza '99 held at the Wyndham Anatole Chantilly Ballroom February 22, 1999.  
2000 Bell Helicopter Textron: AH-1Z First Flight December 2000 Color poster with text: "We made it beautiful.  Because it's the last thing some people will ever see." Bell Helicopter
2001 Ride Rail Poster commemorating TRE(Trinity Rail Express) service into downtown Fort Worth. Farris
2001 First Flight: Local Art and the Fort Worth Public Library Poster advertising a Centennial exhibit at the Fort Worth Public Library held October 1- November 10, 2001. Fort Worth Public Library Foundation
2002 Rotorfest: The All Helicopter Air Show Poster advertising Rotorfest presented by the American Helicopter Museum October 14-15, 2003, in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  
2005 Tour the Historic 1895 Tarrant County Courthouse Poster advertising tours held by the Tarrant County Historical Commission for April 9, 2005. Tarrant County Historical Commission
2005 Christmas at the Courthouse Poster advertising museum and tours held November 25, 2005. Tarrant County Historical Commission
2006 Rotorfest: The All Helicopter Air Show Poster advertising Rotorfest presented by the American Helicopter Museum October 14-15, 2006, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. American Helicopter Museum
2006 Bell 47 Poster featuring drawing of Bell 47 model advertising the Bell 47 Helicopter Association, signed by Joey Rhodes and Danny Rodriguez.  
2007 Cowtown Coliseum: One Hundred Years, Hundreds of Legends Illustrated poster celebrating Fort Worth Stockyards Cowtown Coliseum 1907-2007. illegible
2008 Women Service Pilots, World War II Texas Woman's University WASP Reunion 2008.  Set of two posters, featuring photographs of Ann Baumgartner at Avenger Field, 1943; Betty Jo Streff, Ellen Wimberly and Eileen Wright at Avenger Field, 1944. Texas Woman's University
2008 25 Years of Research at Caracol, Belize: Changing Paradigms in Maya Archaeology Poster for Programs in Anthropology at University of Texas at Arlington. University of Texas at Arlington
1950, circa H-13D Bell Helicopter Color poster featuring painting of helicopter and two pilots.  Signed by "The New Whirlybirds" Joey "Chuck" Rhodes and Danny "P.T." Rodriguez. Bell Helicopter
2003, circa Celebrating the Evolution of Flight American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Celebrating the Evolution of Flight 1903-2003… and beyond.  Poster features photographs of important moments in aviation history.  
1994, circa Fort Worth Museum Capital of the Southwest Poster advertising Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Kimbell Art Museum, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  Includes eight paintings on front and descriptions of each museum on back.  
2008 Stephen F. Austin Bicentennial  Poster Stephen F. Austin Bicentennial, signed and dated by individuals, most dates from 2008.  Portrait of Stephen F. Austin. Archives Division of Texas State Library
undated Army Air Corps on Parade Small poster of photograph showing Lockheed P-38, Curtiss P-40, Republic P-47 and North American P-51 in flight.  Pilots are William Ross, Rudy Frasca, Ray Stutsman and Hess Bomberger. Budd Davisson
undated Prevention Takes Teamwork Poster featuring drawing of helicopter from the Bell Boeing Tiltrotor Team. M. Casad
undated The Cloak of Darkness is Brief. Make the Most of it." Poster featuring drawing of helicopter. Team Osprey
undated Georgia Minstrels Poster advertising Georgia Minstrels performance. Unknown
undated "I'm No Longer a Man I'm an Echo" Poster featuring drawing of man with "I'm no longer a man I'm an echo" at top and "Carle" across bottom. The U.S. Lithograph Co. Russel Morgan Print
undated Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Combined Shows Two attached posters advertising the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey combined shows  
undated Fort Worth, Texas Poster with "Fort Worth Texas" in design of Texas state flag. Unknown
undated Candlelight Christmas in Ryan Place Poster advertising event in Ryan Place, held December 6-8, year unknown. Brian Ternamian
undated Famous Aircraft: 1903-1919.  Half Century of Aircraft: 1920 to Present Day Poster featuring drawings and photographs of various aircrafts. Hammond Inc.
undated Mark Twain Collage Poster of images of Mark Twain.  
undated Grapevine, Texas Poster showing Lake Grapevine, reading "Grapevine, Texas. In the midst of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex." Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau
undated Hasten the Homecoming Reprint of poster of Norman Rockwell illustration. Norman Rockwell
undated Remember December 7th! Reproduction of poster from the National Archives Allen Sallburg 
undated Now…All Together, 7th War Loan, US Marines at Iwo Jima Reproduction of poster from the National Archives. C.C.Beall 
undated Stephen F. Austin Poster featuring portrait of Stephen F. Austin and short biographical paragraph. State Archives Division of the Texas State Library
undated Renowned Texans: Series 2 1836 - 1846 Poster featuring paragraph on "Texas' Bloodless War" with portraits and short biographical statements on Francis Moore Jr., Ashbel Smith, Samuel May Williams, Anson Jones, James Pinkney Henderson, Charles Demorse, Mirabeau B. Lamar and George C. Childress. Texas Historical Foundation and Texas Historical Commission
undated Fort Worth, Texas Poster featuring Fort Worth, Texas logo and seven men on horses.  
undated World War II Recruitment Poster Features drawing of Navy soldier with statement "He is keeping the World safe for Democracy. Enlist and help him." C. C[illegible]
undated Bell V-280 Valor: Multi-Service Multi-Mission, Speed, Range, Payload, Endurance, Agility Poster showing Bell V-280 Valor Aircraft Bell Helicopter
1976 The Bell System Telephone Story Shows evolution of telephones from 1876-1976. Includes photographs and short descriptions of various telephones. Western Electric
1976 Lands of the Bible Today with Descriptive Notes Covers the area of the Caspian Sea to Greece and the Black Sea to the Red Sea. National Geographic Society
2005 Tarrant County Veterans Council Veterans Day Parade Advertising Veterans Day parade November 11, 2005 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Features several photographs of families. Tarrant County Veterans Council
1988, circa Modern American Presidents Shows presidents from Herbert Hoover through Ronald Reagan.  Includes 50 photographs. National Archives and Records Administration
1946 Inter-American Trade Exposition and Conference Brochure Brochure advertising Inter-American Exposition and Trade Conference held October 6-12, 1946, in Fort Worth, Texas. Texas Pan-American Association
1960 Presidents of the United States: Their lives and Times Includes portraits and facts about each president from George Washington to John F. Kennedy. Fawcett Publications of New York
1995, circa Chart and Timeline for Bell Helicopter 1941-1995 Shows various helicopter models and the dates they were studied, built and flown and those in production.  
1992 Helicopter Recognition Chart Poster showing different helicopters. Phillips Publishing Inc.
1997 Texas Motor Speedway Inaugural Race Poster advertisement for Texas Motor Speedway inaugural race held April 6, 1997. Sam Bass
1999 Stars Cars Advertisement for  the Dallas Stars and DART South Irving Transit Center to Union Station. Unknown
2005 Iwo Jima 60th Anniversary Advertising event at the Admiral Nimitz State Historic Site--National Museum of the Pacific War, Fredericksburg, Texas.  February 19-20, 2005. National Museum of the Pacific War
2009 National Day of the American Cowboy Advertisement for events held at the Fort Worth Stockyards celebrating the National Day of the American Cowboy held July 25, 2009. Fort Worth Stockyards
1986 Fort Worth Texas Sesquicentennial Events: May-June 1986 Third in a series. Johnny Pate, Illustrator
1986 Fort Worth Texas Sesquicentennial Events: September-October 1986 Fifth in a series. Harman, Gary and Ekstrom, Robert
1986 Fort Worth Texas Sesquicentennial Events:  March - April 1986 Second in a series. Laura Hunt 
1987 The Bill of Rights Poster from Washington, D.C. May 24, 1987  
1987 The Declaration of Independence Poster from Washington, D.C. May 24, 1987.  
1991 "Sick Call Old Fort Worth 1849-1853" Color print drawing. William Potter
1981 Texas "Tommy Applewhite, 'Drifter,' on a Horse Named Sy in 'Cowtown, U.S.A." Autographed. Identity Arts
1992 Old Fort Worth U. S. Army Outpost on the Trinity Small poster-sized drawing featuring Company F, 2nd Dragoons and Company F, 8th Infantry, 1849-1853. William Potter
undated Tarrant County Courthouse Print Print number 327/1000. Unknown
undated Red River War: Cultures in Conflict Published for Texas Archaeology Monthly  
undated Vision to Reality Copy of oil painting featuring Lawrence (Larry) Bell and Arthur M. Young.  Includes descriptive paragraph on back. Bill Dale
undated Illustration of first printing press   Unknown
undated Birthday Card from Thistle Hill Docent Guilt Inside features drawings of various historic Fort Worth homes. Thistle Hill Docent Guild
undated Tarrant County Courthouse drawing Hand-drawn illustration of the Tarrant County courthouse with typed paragraph  attached stating the courthouse is being restored. Unknown
undated Caribmap: A Cartographic History of the West Indies Advertisement poster for
undated Della Fox in The Little Trooper Advertisement for Della Fox in The Little Trooper, with Comic Opera Co under the direction of Nat Roth. Original Encapsulated 2014.  One retouched scan included with original. The Strobidge Lith Company
undated Bock Beer Advertisement for Texas Brewing Company Bock Beer. Texas Brewing Company
1931 Two Panels Over Side Entrances--Young County Courthouse, Graham, Texas Drawing of covered wagon, oxen and pioneers in landscape. Withers and Thompson, Architects
1931 Panel Over Rear Entrance, Young County Courthouse, Graham, Texas Drawing of Native Americans shooting buffalo in landscape. Withers and Thompson, Architects
1931 Panel at Side of Front Entrance-- Young County Courthouse, Graham, Texas Drawing of cowboy with cattle in corral, ranch house, barn and oil wells. Withers and Thompson, Architects
1990-2000s circa Western Civilization, Fort Wroth, Texas, USA multiple copies
The Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County in cooperation with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
1998 HV-609 Poster   Bell Helicopter
1999 V-22 Tiltrotor Poster   Bell Helicopter
1998 CV-22 Tiltrotor Poster   Bell Helicopter
1996 "This Tactical UAV Can Deploy Anywhere" Poster   Bell Helicopter
1997 Bell Eage Eye UAV Poster Mounted on board. Bell Helicopter
undated Bell 505 Poster Bell Helicopter Day Bell Helicopter
undated Bell 407 GXP Poster Bell Helicopter Day Bell Helicopter
undated V-22 Bell Boing Poster Bell Helicopter Day Bell Helicopter
undated Bell UH-1Y Poster Bell Helicopter Day Bell Helicopter
1987 Return of Hailey's Comet Poster Set of 2  
1952 Charter for Governor Thomas Hinckley Chapter (Fort Worth) of the Colonial Dames Society of the 17th Century Oversized document (size of poster)
Colonial Dames Society of the 17th Century