Dee Barker Collection

Summary:   Dee Barker's collection reflects her leadership roles within the Tarrant County Historical Commission (TCHC) and as a resident of Colleyville, as well has her husband, Jesse Barker's, long association with Bell Helicopter's Customer Training Academy. Barker served on the TCHC (1977-2009), and as Chairman of the TCHC in 1987 and 1988. Barker's contributions towards preserving Tarrant County history are almost too numerous to mention. Notably, she can be credited for spearheading the efforts to save the Torian Cabin, which now sits on Main Street in Grapevine as one of the most treasured relics of Tarrant County's pioneer past. Barker also was instrumental in both starting and growing the Tarrant County Archives. In 1987, she developed the systems and policies for the archives, assumed its management and held that position on a volunteer basis until 2000.  Dee Barker remains both a contributor to and supporter of the Tarrant County Archives.

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Torian Log Cabin

Pictured: Torian Log Cabin


Historical Commission Items:

  • Texas Historical Commission publication The Medallion, 1977-2001
  • Texas Historical Commission survey, 1988
  • Texas Historical Commission Inventory of Historic Sites, 1979
  • Tarrant County Historical Commission notes and documents, 1970s and 1980s
  • Research on Fort Worth historic buildings with evaluation of: Santa Fe Depot, F. Hays McFarland Home, Winfield Scott Home, Land Title Block, T. B. Ellison Building, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Knights of Pythias Castle Hall
  • Grapevine Historic Resources Survey, draft
  • Tarrant County Historic Resources Survey:  Haslet, Saginaw, Sansom Park, adjacent north County, draft
  • Tarrant County Historic Resources Inventory: Northeast Sector, draft
  • Tarrant County Historic Resources Inventory: Northeast and Grapevine, draft
  • Manual: Zoning for Community Preservation, a manual for Texans, Texas Historical Foundation, 1976
  • Oral History workshop handouts, February 16, 1985.  Fort Worth Public Library
  • National Register nomination guidelines and related brochures, 1970s and 1980s
  • One binder box with Tarrant County Resources Survey Research forms, photographs, and slides pertaining to the City of Grapevine from 1972-1984  
  • See also Tarrant County Historical Commission Collection

Downtown Fort Worth Inc. Walking Tour Committee, 1988:

  • Downtown Fort Worth Inc. Walking Tour Committee
  • Appointments
  • Meetings and Agenda
  • Correspondence
  • Varied information relative to some sites
  • Rough site text given to committee
  • Edited text for map - final text
  • Three copies of map for archival retention and protection, one signed by several members of the committee

Books, Calendars, Newsletters and Photographs:

  • Book: Taste of Tradition by the Colleyville Women's Club
  • "Stars Across Texas," newsletters of the sesquicentennial
  • Book: The American Architect Specification Manual, 1923
  • Book: Fort Worth in Pictures, undated
  • Book: Yarborough of Texas, 1969
  • Book: Presiding Officers of the Texas Legislature: 1846-1991
  • Book: Public Land of Texas, 1519-1970
  • Book: 80 Years of Transportation Progress: A History of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, 1957
  • Calendars: Bell Helicopter: 1993, 1994, 1995, 2002
  • Calendar: USO 2002
  • Calendar: The Texas Capitol: 100 Years 1888-1988
  • Calendar: The Texas House of Representatives, 1989
  • Calendars: Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008
  • Calendar: Robert Gunn Drawings, 1991
  • Calendar: Charles M. Russell Paintings, 1990
  • Calendar: Colleyville Sesquicentennial, autographed copy.
  • Photograph: The Torian Cabin in Grapevine during Restoration, 1976
  • Photographs: 13 prints and negatives of Lonesome Dove and Bourland Cemeteries, 1988
  • Photograph: Wooden oil derrick near Ranger, Texas
  • Photograph: Southern facade of Civil Courts Building, 1988
  • Photograph: Charles Goodnight Historical Marker in Goodnight, Texas
  • Photograph: Colleyville Development on site of old Spring Garden Community
  • Photograph: First telephone exchange, possibly Ranger, 8 by 10 inches, black and white
  • Photograph: West Texas Baptist at a river baptism, date unknown, 8 by 10 inches, black and white
  • Photograph: Family, date unknown, 8 by 10 inches, black and white print
  • Photograph: Frances M. Allen and her sister, Sheila Emery Allen. Taken by Orville Hancock, October 25, 1990, for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Image taken on the occasion of the Allen sisters giving 37 acres to Camp Carter. Attached to back of photo are two obituary clippings, September 28, 1992, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for Sheila Allen
  • Photographs: Ten of various Bell Helicopter models: Jet Ranger, Model 214 ST, Model 202, Model 206, Model 222, Model 412, Model 406, Model AH-1S, TH-57A, Model XV-15

Societies and Events Literature:

  • Grapevine Events - varied
  • Grapevine Heritage Foundation -- General – newsletters/reports
  • Grapevine Heritage Foundation Events -- Grapefest
  • Grapevine Heritage Foundation Events -- Main St. Days
  • Grapevine Heritage Foundation -- Palace Theater
  • Grapevine Historic Resources Inventory - - Correspondence and publishing
  • Grapevine Historic Resources Inventory -- First Draft
  • Grapevine Historic Resources Survey -- Grapevine School District tax forms
  • Grapevine Historic Resources Survey -- Research forms
  • Grapevine Historical Society Newsletters -- first five issues
  • Grapevine Main Street Program -- Application and Origin
  • Grapevine Main Street Program -- Early years
  • Grapevine -- Main Street Research - Buildings, rough notes
  • Grapevine Promotion -- Pamphlets
  • Grapevine -- Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association
  • Terrill, James William -- Letters and information from Anne Tinker of Tucson, AZ. Couple Dee Barker took on tour of Grapevine. They wanted to see where ancestor had lived.
  • Casa Manana advertisements and brochures
  • Casa Manana Theater programs from 1960s and 1970s
  • Kimble Art Museum literature
  • Museum of Science and History literature from 1970s and 1980s
  • Sundance Square fact sheet on buildings
  • Tarrant County Junior College Heritage Room policies of operation, 1976
  • Grapevine Historical Society letter announcing availability of re-issued "The Grapevine Area History" with order form, 2005
  • Grapevine Historical Society Press release for Grapevine Historical Society meeting, March 28, 2005, announcing program by Tarrant County Historical Commission.
  • Grapevine Historical Society Letter March 30, 2005, thanking Dee Barker for presenting program on Tarrant County Archives
  • Grapevine Historical Society annual road trip announcement for June 3, 2005: "The Ghosts of the Baker Hotel"
  • Newsletters for Grapevine Historical Society: February 2000; January, February, May and August 2005
  • Grapevine Historical Society Application for membership, 2005
  • Nash Farm, Grapevine, brochure (2005)

Northeast Tarrant County, Grapevine, Colleyville, Task Force Documents:

  • Colleyville - Community Appraisal Survey by UTA, 1979
  • Colleyville - Citizen Survey and Needs Assessment, 2003
  • Colleyville - Colleyville Profile - Retail Trade Area Analysis, 2004
  • Colleyville - Drainage Survey - Forum and Workshop, 1995
  • Colleyville - Bond Issue Task Force 1991- Work and Reports
  • Colleyville - Fire Station - Using Bond Money for "Joint" Fire Station
  • Colleyville - Youth At Risk Task Force, 1994
  • Colleyville - Historic Preservation Committee 1995-1999; Included - Proof Copy for the 1996 HPC reprint of book Colleyville 1855-1956, originally written by the Sesquicentennial Committee in 1986
  • Colleyville - Entrance Way Taskforce, 1996-1997
  • Colleyville - Bransford Park Master Plan Committee - excepting house - 1997-1999; Carter and Burgess Plan, working with the Committee
  • Colleyville - Bransford Park boundaries affected by realignments of Bransford Rd and Shelton Drive - Committee involvement, 1997-1999
  • Colleyville - McPherson Park Master Plan Task Force, 1999-2000
  • Colleyville - State Highway 26 Task Forces - see note at bottom is this inventory
  • Colleyville - Archeology of land proposed as city park, 1990
  • Colleyville - Recycle and Laidlaw - COG file information on recycling, 1990-1991
  • Colleyville - Historic Bridge - Precinct Line Road over Trinity River 1993 Offer to City by TXDOT
  • Colleyville - Riley  Cemetery - City responsibility, developer donation of land, plat Dee Barker worked with city, developer and surveyor as TCHC rep  to accomplish Developer donation of land to cemetery, 1994
  • Colleyville - Cheek-Sparger Road - Fort Worth Plan to Divert Traffic from Fort Worth by a Freeway through North Tarrant County - From County Historical Commission files, 1995
  • Colleyville - Spring Garden subdivision - developer, Texas Historical Commission, city 1997
  • Colleyville - Parks and Wildlife Grant- developer effort to rename creek, 1998
  • Colleyville - Colleyville Historical Marker program, 2000
  • Colleyville - City Donation Policy and Transfer of Title, 2004
  • Colleyville - Work Requested by City Council Members or Staff - varied
  • Colleyville - A City that Requested Citizen Participation and Input
  • Colleyville - Newspaper Letters - Personal and Letters to the Editor
  • Colleyville Park Department: Activity Guides, 2004, 2005
  • Colleyville Police Department
  • City of Colleyville: appraisal of all properties by TAD, 2004
  • Texas Natural Resources Information System, 1985
  • TX-DOT: Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program, 1993
  • Colleyville Chamber of Commerce directory, 2004
  • Seven files containing donor's working files while serving on the City of Colleyville Master Plan Task Force (1997-1998). Handwritten notes are hers. The work of a task force was to plan the design of State Highway 26 as it passes through the City of Colleyville. The task force considered all things, such as number of lanes, turn lanes, medians and median cuts, width of right of way, types of businesses that affect traffic flow and parking cuts. The work of the task force also included recommending ordinances for size and design of buildings abutting the highway, for landscape along the highway and an ordinance to govern size and design of signs along the highway. Example of how a city and TXDOT can both have input into the design of a State Highway when that highway goes through the downtown of a city.
  • In December 2001, the city made appointments to a HWY 26/Colleyville Boulevard Advisory Committee. This was a committee composed of business owners and property owners along the highway, and those members of the former Design Task Force who wished to participate as a public relations and promotion committee. A public relations firm was hired and this Committee given the direction to promote the widening of the highway as planned. I chose not to participate, so do not have files of that committee.
  • In October 2010, a new  effort is made by some within the City to change the existing TXDOT highway plan based on the Colleyville studies to one proposed by the current city staff and some city officials, to a plan that does not satisfy state objectives. The idea is based on an idea of a highway they think will entice businesses to the city.
  • Varied information from City appointed tasks forces and committees; from City of Colleyville staff; from personal files of Dee Barker.
  • City of Colleyville Master Plan Task Force
  • Planning and zoning documents, City of Colleyville, 1995
  • Papers from Colleyville Youth at Risk Task Force - Curfew Study
    o Correspondence, reports from Grapevine/Colleyville ISD; Post Office; Citizens Crime Commission of Tarrant County.
    o Curfew study handouts
    o Establishment, meetings and minutes of task force
  • Nine Acres Club study
    o Ordinances of other cities, Court of Appeals
    o Report to City Council
    o Newspaper articles
    o Files of Dee Barker, member of task force. Varied materials used during task force study and meetings; materials generated during study; results  of study.
  • Tax Facts, Texas State Comptroller, 1984
  • Correspondence, Bill Hudgins, Community Services Officer, Colleyville Police Department, to Dee Barker, December 28, 1999.
  • Colleyville Neighborhood Net (Colleyville Police Newsletter), beginning January 1, 1996-Spring 2000. Volume 1, No.1, Volume 4, No.1.
  • Colleyville - Mount Donwell and Mount Donwell School Road, 2006
  • Colleyville - City Owned Properties
  • Colleyville - City Hall and City Library located in "Village at Colleyville"
  • Colleyville - Park Land - Parks Master Plan Update - 1996; Trail Plan - 2005
  • Colleyville - Park Land - Parks Master Plan Update, 2004-2025
  • Colleyville - State Highway 26 Tasks Forces. Two tasks forces, sub­ committees, actions in years between the tasks forces, and associated documents are accessioned separately as an extensive collection that required breaking down into sections.
  • Colleyville Master Plan Task Force Workbook
  • Colleyville Master Plan 1997: Goals and Objectives
  • Colleyville Master Plan 1997: Government Services and Facilities Group
  • Colleyville Master Plan 1997: Vehicular and Pedestrian Circulation Group
  • Colleyville Master Plan 1997: Review and Evaluation of Draft Master Plan
  • Colleyville Master Plan Reference Material (1993-1994 Documents)
  • Colleyville Master Plan 1998: City Council Approval of changes to plan, notes from public hearing
  • Highway 26 task forces and committees, varied sources
  • COLLEYVILLE - HWY 26/COLLEYVILLE BOULEVARD CORRIDOR DESIGN TASK FORCES. The work of a task force was to plan the design of State Highway 26 as it passes through the City of Colleyville.  The task force considered all things, such as number of lanes, turn lanes, medians and median cuts, width of right of way, types of businesses that affect traffic flow and parking cuts. The work of the task force also included recommending ordinances for size and design of buildings abutting the highway; for landscape along the highway; and an ordinance to govern size  and design of signs along the highway. From the files of Dee Barker, member of both the 1993 and 2000 Hwy26 Task Forces, and sub-committees.
  • Colleyville - Hwy26 Corridor Plan Committee, 1993
  • Colleyville - Hwy26 COG and TXDOT information, 1993-1997
  • Colleyville - Proposed Commercial Zoning based on 1993 Hwy 26 Study
  • Colleyville - Realignment of HWY26/Giade Road/Pleasant Run Rd. intersections 1997
  • Colleyville - Hwy26/Colleyville Boulevard Widening Project; City Council Action 2000
  • Colleyville - Hwy26/Colleyville Boulevard - Consultant PGAL phase of study entitled "SH26 Colleyville Boulevard Design Guidelines" Dec 2000 - Feb 2001
  • Colleyville - Hwy 26/Colleyville Boulevard Corridor Design Task Force August 2000 - Feb 2002   Final Draft called "City of Colleyville, Texas State Highway 26/Colleyville Boulevard Corridor Design Study with Guidelines" dated December 2001. Four earlier progressive drafts with evaluations of drafts by Task Force. Appointments by City Council; agenda, meetings, workshops and correspondence from city
  • Colleyville - Hwy 26/Colleyville Boulevard Corridor Design Task Force Reference Material
  • Colleyville - State Highway 26 Corridor Commercial Development Standards Task Force Aug 2000 - November 2000 - A sub-committee of the task force to review draft of Large Commercial Building Ordinance 0-00-1249
  • Colleyville Events - Texas Sesquicentennial - Records of owners of photographs provided for Colleyville History Book project of The Colleyville Sesquicentennial Committee.
  • Six Flags Over Texas partial map with 1960s aerial photo of the park
  • Colleyville - SH26 Advisory Committee to Promote Public Awareness December 2001
  • Colleyville - SH26/ Colleyville Blvd TXDOT Public Hearing November 4, 2004
  • Colleyville - SH26/Colleyville Blvd Widening Project - Staff and City Council Action 2010
  • Colleyville Newsletter by city government; Police Department newsletters by police department; election material by those running for election
  • Colleyville Communicator: Official city government newsletter December 1989 to October 2010; The 1989 issue is the first issue - Volume 1 Edition 1
  • Colleyville Neighborhood Net:  Newsletter publication of the Colleyville Police Department
    o November-December 2003
    o March 2004
    o June 2004
    o March 2005
    o January 2006
    o June 2006
    o November-December 2006, issues 3 and 4
    o Spring 2007
    o September 2007
    o November-December 2007
    o First Quarter 2008
    o June 2008
    o September 2008
  • Several separate print-outs of various special subjects
  • City of Colleyville Parks and Recreation Department Activity Guide
    o Fall 2001
    o Spring 2003
    o Winter/Spring 2006
    o Fall 2006
  • The Experience: City of Colleyville Parks and Recreation Department newsletter
    o Winter/Spring 2007
    o Summer 2007
    o Fall 2007
    o Summer 2008
    o Winter/Spring 2008
    o Summer 2009
    o Fall 2009
    o Fall 2010
    o Winter/Spring 2010
    o Summer 2010


  • Gangs in Tarrant County: Strategies for a Grass Roots, Holistic Approach to Gang-Related Crime; October 1991 by Citizens Crime Commission of Tarrant County
  • Gangs in Texas Cities; by Office of the Attorney General, June 1991
  • State and Local Spending On Drug Control Activities; survey from the National Survey of  State and Local  Governments, Office of National Drug Control Policy, December 1993
  • State and Local Violent Crime and Drug Control Programs: Past Success And Future Direction; Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Dept of Justice. Conference Summary, June 1993
  • Southlake Teen Court Plats and Dedication Records of Bluebonnet Hills Cemetery
  • Thirty two pages of documents:
    o Large plats of Sections and Lots. Individual lot numbers are shown
    o Documents which record dedication, field notes, and subdivision into lots

Newspaper Items:

  • "From the Sun", reprints from the Grapevine Sun early issues
  • Newspaper articles concerning August 31, 1988 crash of Delta flight 1141
  • Newspaper articles concerning crash of Delta flight 191
  • Microfilm of Pictorial Press newspapers
  • Dallas H.C. Newsletter, Dallas County Chronicle, collections through the years
  • Microfilm Cabinet-Grapevine Sun
    o Volume III, No. 24 of May 28, 1898
    o Volume III, No. 25 of June 4, 1898
    o Page from August 27, 1898
  • Grapevine Sun newspaper, Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas, various issues from 1929.
  • Various Colleyville Courier news articles for Subject Files
  • Local magazines with features on subjects within Tarrant County. Shorter articles than the major ones listed here are within the magazines. Articles about art, people and events. Primarily advertisement magazines.

Regional Magazine: Indulge

  • August 2009 - features Fort Worth City Club; 1301 Throckmorton Omni Residences; Rivercrest Landing home; Museum Place Condominiums; One Museum Place, all in Fort Worth; and Southlake Town Square
  • September 2009 - features Le Bijou town home; wine cellar in Fort Worth home; Indian Creek home, all Fort Worth; several artists; local events
  • October 2009 - features Tanglewood home, Fort Worth; Southern Accents Show house
  • November 2009 - features Arlington home and B.J. Thomas collections
  • February 2010 -features west Fort Worth home; Fort Worth artist
  • April 2010 - features Eagle Mountain Lake home
  • August 2010 - features Westlake home

Regional Magazine: Living with Panache

  • 2003: August, October, November
  • 2004: May
  • 2005: March; December
  • 2006: September/October, October/November, November/December
  • 2007: January/February, September/October, November/December
  • 2008: January/February, March/April, April/May, August/September, October/ November, November/December
  • 2009:  June/July, July/August, August/September, September/October, November/December
  • 2010: April, June, July, October
  • Assorted pages from some magazines.

Society Life:  Northeast Tarrant Edition

  • 2007:  December features interviews with five Mayors
  • 2008:  April features popular culture, artists, golf; May; December features six Mayor Interviews, State Representative Interview
  • 2009:  March features Palace Theater in Grapevine, Colleyville Eco house, Keller and local houses; June; July features education and students
  • 2010:  May features Southlake History Book; July are page from book featuring private schools; September features artist

U.S. Geological Survey Place Names Project:

  • Donor was requested to help with a project the U.S. Geological Survey was doing in Tarrant County during the mid-1980s.  They were placing many sites on their maps and needed verification from a local source. The items described below were from material given her to help with her research.
  • The National Geographic Names Data Base: Phase II Instructions, National Mapping Program, US Department of the Interior Geologic Survey. By Donald J. Orth and Roger L. Payne, Reston, Virginia, 1984. Paper bound, three copies.
  • USGS Digital Cartographic Data Standards, Geographic Names Information System, National Mapping Program, by Roger L. Payne, 1984. Paper bound, two copies.
  • TEXAS, Index to topographic and other MAP COVERAGE. United States Geological Survey National Mapping Program. two copies
  • TEXAS Catalog of topographic and other PUBLISHED MAPS. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey National Mapping Program, March 1985
  • US Geo Data: Geographic Names Information System three copies (one sheet).
  • List of variable sites to be marked in Tarrant County (one sheet), six copies
  • Geographic Names Information System, May 1985. Products Available (three copies), Bibliographic Source Codes List, and instructions for how to find variant and official names.
  • Maps of Avondale (1155), Fort Worth (1302), Keller (1156), and Mansfield (1376). Each revised in 1981.
  • Computer list of all geographic names to be placed/found in GNIS for Tarrant County, 98 pages, April 29, 1985.
  • Abbreviated GNIS lists for Tarrant County (two copies) Colleyville Police Department


  • Torian Cabin artifacts. Six handmade nails. One peg. Part of cabin when it was moved from Southlake to Grapevine in 1976. See marker narrative for identification of nails


  • Magnet for Texas Rangers Baseball 2004
  • Pin for Texas Sesquicentennial (1836-1986)
  • Magnet of Texas One and Indivisible
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram special publication: The 1900s