Stewart Burge Collection

First Issue Old Tarrant County



Summary: Colleyville resident Stewart Burge obtained degrees in journalism and broadcast communication from West Virginia University prior to pursuing a career in public relations. He served as Chief of Public Affairs for the Seventh Army Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, held several positions around the nation, and eventually landed in Irving, Texas, as Assistant Vice President of Internal Communications for GTE Telephone Operations from 1991-1993. In 1993 and 1994 he spearheaded the two publications that comprise this collection. Issues may be 40 to 50 pages in length. Only the cover stories are listed below.

Old Tarrant County

  • 1993 I (1) Life is a Cabernet plus The Magnificent Age of Steam Returns (two copies)
  • 1993 I (2) Beware the Solitary Rider
  • 1993 I (3) The Great American Ad Game Comes to Texas (four copies)
  • 1993 I (4) Christmas Traditions: Gracious Entertaining in a Style that is Totally Texas plus the Poetry of John Greenleaf Whittier, the Prose of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and the Art of Thomas Nast
  • 1994 II (1) On the Dusty Road to Colleyville plus Memories of Will Rogers
  • 1994 II (2) Grapevine Extend Leadership in Preserving Railroad Heritage also An 1881 Cattle Drive, The Life and Loves of Outlaw Queen Belle Starr (two copies)
  • 1994 II (3) Modern Pleasures of a Living Past
  • 1994 II (4) Collecting the West plus History Comes Home in Colleyville (two copies)
  • 1994 II (5) Comanche Pay Ultimate Price for 'Civilization' (two copies)
  • 1994 II (6) Tarantula Prepares for NE Tarrant Excursion Service (two copies)
  • 1994 II (7) Animal Magnetism: What's Old and New at the Fort Worth Zoo (two copies)
  • 1994 II (8) Complete Guide to Texas Wines and Wineries (two copies)
  • 1994 II (9) 1884 Christmas Wish Book (two copies)

Fort Worth Chronicle

  • 1993 I (1) The Night Hell's Half Acre was Born
  • 1993 I (2) A Century of Selling Cowtown (two copies)
  • 1993 I (3) Christmas the Old Fashioned Way: Discover the Pageantry of the Boar's Head Festival; Meet Santa at Thistle Hill; Savor the Tastes that are Totally Texas plus The Poetry of John Greenleaf Whittier and the Art of Thomas Nast and the Secrets of Great (1888) Winter Bathing (four copies)
  • 1994 II (3) Cow towns Past and Present Enjoy Peaceful Coexistence plus The Latest Developments in the Lincoln Assassination and Anatomy of a Frontier Tragedy (three copies)
  • 1994 II (4) Special Report: Collecting the West also Your '94 Guide to Drop Dead North Texas Antiquing, Collecting, and Junking plus Tattoos as Folk Art, 1894 Gardening Tips, and the Murder Castle (two copies)
  • 1994 II (5) Quanah Parker: Last War Chief of the Quahadie Comanche, Quilting: Equal Parts Artistry and Therapy for Women on the Texas Frontier plus Living on the Fault line of History and Inside Pawnee Bill's Wild West (five copies)
  • 1994 II (6) Magnificent Age of Steam Returns to Tarrant County (two copies)
  • 1994 II (7) Why Has Fort Worth Forsaken its Namesake? (two copies)