Tarrant County Re-Entry Program

https://www.tcreentry.org/Tarrant County understands that prisoner re-entry is a crucial criminal justice and community safety issue, and Commissioner Brooks is committed to address these issues in an effort to reduce recidivism and ensure community safety.  Tarrant County continues to support organizations in their efforts to coordinate community-based resources that will assist ex-offenders to transition back into the community successfully.

History:  Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks spearheaded the Tarrant County Ex-Offender Re-Entry Initiative (TCRI) in 2005.  The Tarrant County Commissioners Court approved the development of the Tarrant County Re-Entry Council, the Re-Entry Council Charter, and the Re-Entry Council’s position paper.

Tarrant County partnered with Cornerstone Assistance Network, a Tarrant County Re-entry Coalition was formed.


  • Evaluate and update existing and additional qualified reentry resources available to previously incarcerated persons within the Tarrant County area.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week Internet-based re-entry resource network.
  • Develop an on-line Re-entry Quick Reference Guide that will provide a current listing of re-entry specific services and resources related to ex-offenders throughout the Tarrant County area.
  • Provide outreach by informing and distributing information related to the aforementioned re-entry resource network and quick reference guide to organizations such as municipal jails, county jails, state jails, prisons, law enforcement agencies, as well as local cities, neighboring counties, and the faith based community.

2015:  Opening of the Reentry First-Stop Center.  Tarrant County Resource Connection, in partnership with Cornerstone Assistant Network and Tarrant County has opened the ReEntry First-Stop Center, located at 2300 Circle Drive, Suite 2301.

The Reentry First-Stop Center welcomes home to Tarrant County adults returning from prison, gives them an orientation class, provides them with access to a myriad of free resources spanning the continuum of related services, and provides those who need additional assistance with navigation services…

Visitors to the center will engage a pro-active process, be able to self-manage their reentry journey, and – with minimal support – be able to successfully reintegrate back into society, breaking the cycle of crime and recidivism.

Tarrant County Re-entry Resource Directory/First Stop Center: Tarrant County Re-entry Coalition

The Tarrant County Re-entry Coalition is developing and executing a long-range strategy aimed at breaking the devastating cycle of recidivism in tangible ways. Meeting time and place: every third Friday of each month, from 9:30 to 11 a.m., at Cornerstone Assistance Network in Fort Worth.