The Employment Service Program is designed to assist offenders in acquiring and maintaining stable, full-time employment and to increase their chances of succeeding under Community Supervision. The Employment Service Program has developed a strong network of information exchange with public and private sector employment placements to access current job opportunities that match offenders' interests, needs and skill levels. In its effort to promote employment opportunities, the department allies with other agencies and individuals, e.g., Texas Workforce Commission, Tarrant County Employment and Training, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Fort Worth Independent School District, Department of Veterans Affairs, the Tarrant County Re-entry Council, etc.

Notices of all job fairs, workshops and community programs are posted to the department's intranet as soon as the information is received from the various employment outlets in the community network. Officers can access the information immediately to see all available postings and download a flyer and referral for each of the postings. All of these postings are also displayed on a video monitor in our waiting areas for probationers to read while waiting. This alerts them to opportunities that might be of special interest to them so they may ask their officers for more information. This promotes opportunities for the officers to discuss potential employment with them; and provide information, a referral, encouragement and assistance in their job search efforts.

CSCD collaborates with Community Learning Centers, Inc. to provide an employment development class targeted specifically for offenders though "Project KEY" Employability Seminars.

Project KEY teaches how to: 

Discover KEY steps to take when searching for employment with a background.
Develop KEY employment search skills.
Learn the KEY to using the Employability Report to get employed.