The Treatment Alternative to Incarceration Program (TAIP) provides chemical dependency screening, assessment, and referral, along with funding for appropriate outpatient treatment. Without this program, many offenders would be unable to obtain necessary services. In Tarrant County, only limited programs exist for indigent offenders, and TAIP allows CSCD to appropriately serve many of those in need.

Offenders meeting the statutory eligibility criteria are screened and assessed to determine the level of need, if any, for substance abuse intervention. Upon further determination of an offender's inability to pay for the costs of treatment, the offender may be deemed medically indigent and TAIP funds may be used to pay the cost of treatment. For offenders who can pay for treatment, a recommendation regarding the level or type of treatment will be made. Intervention or treatment may then be completed to a properly accredited program with the approval of the court having jurisdiction.