Central Magistration

Tarrant County Judges make individualized assessments based on five factors, including the person’s ability to pay, the nature of the charge, and community safety.

Information considered by Magistrate Judge prior to setting bond includes:

·         Alleged facts of the offense;

·         Risk of arrestee to commit an offense pre-trial;

·         Financial assessments (the arrestee’s ability to pay for the bond);

·         Arrestees history of appearing in court.


At the time of magistration, the Judge may also grant or deny requests for Emergency Protective Orders.


General Questions

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# Question Answers
1 You were given a Personal Bond, when is your court date? Court location, appearance date and time are listed on the paperwork given to you at the time of release. If you can’t locate your paperwork call 817-884-2674.
Can a EPO be dismissed?  We cannot dismiss an EPO, it is valid until the date listed on the order. If you have a question about an EPO and the case has been filed, call the prosecutor that has been assigned to your case at 817-884-1400.