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# Question Answer
1 Where is the court located? Criminal District Court No. 1 is located on the 5th floor of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center. The Justice Center is at 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas.
2 What cases are handled by Criminal District Court No. 1? Adult felony cases that have allegedly occurred in Tarrant County, Texas, are under the jurisdiction of Criminal District Court No. 1. There are nine other district courts with the same jurisdiction.
3 What steps are taken before a case goes to trial? See Differentiated Felony Case Management for the court events before a case goes to trial
4 How long does a trial take? Most felony trials last from three to five days.
5 What is probation? Probation is when a defendant's sentence is suspended and the defendant stays in Tarrant County to be rehabilitated. The Probation Department is now called the Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD).
6 How do I find out the date and time of my court appearance? Dockets for the next two weeks are posted on the web page. Contact your attorney or bondsman for the date and time of your court appearance. Contact Kachelle Johnson, court coordinator, at 817-884-1255 for information on other dockets.
7 My case is set on the docket. Do my attorney and I have to be there? Yes. When your case is set on the docket both you and your attorney must be present.
8 My attorney is hired and we are set on the initial appearance docket. Are we excused? Some attorneys and defendants need to report to the Initial Appearance Setting. Contact Kachelle Johnson, court coordinator, at 817-884-1255 for more information.
9 Where do I pay my court costs/attorney's fees?

You may pay your court costs/attorney's fees at the Tarrant County District Clerk's Office Criminal Section, which is located on the third floor in the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center. The Justice Center is at 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth.

10 How can I get a copy of a reporter's record/transcript of a hearing or trial? How much does it cost? Pursuant to the rules regarding the preparation of the reporter's record, the request must be in writing to the court reporter designating the specific portion or portions to be included in the record. Mail written requests to Criminal District Court No. 1, Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center, Attention: Valerie Allen, 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, TX 76196-7213. The cost of the reporter's record varies.
11 How can I get copies of a judgment, sentence or dismissal? Contact the District Clerk at 817-884-1974.
12 Who do I contact to find the outcome of a trial/plea? Contact either the Court Coordinator at 817-884-1255 or the District Clerk at 817-884-1974.
13 Can I contact the judge directly? No, you may not contact the judge directly. All inquiries concerning motions and other court business should be directed to the court coordinator. Judges are prohibited from communicating about cases with the litigants or their attorneys unless both sides are present. The judge will not accept phone calls from litigants. E-mails to the judge will not be read or acknowledged unless requested by and expected by the judge.

Accessibility Notice: Due to the complexity of the preceding documents, these documents are scanned images. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact the Court Coordinator at 817-884-1255.