*** NOTICE ***

In the event Tarrant County Government Offices are closed due to inclement weather, the District Clerk's office will utilize one of the following filing procedures.

Option 1 (Self-represented filers with Civil/Family cases only)

T.R.C.P. Rule 5. Enlargement of Time** If you elect to use this filing option, (on the next open hours) inform the clerk of the court in which you are filing the pleading(s) to keep the postmarked envelope.

Option 2

Place the pleading(s) in the designated deposit box located at the information station at 401 West Belknap, Justice Center or 200 E. Weatherford St., Family Law Center.

** T.R.C.P. RULE 5, Paragraph 2
If any document is sent to the proper clerk by first-class United States mail in an envelope or wrapper properly addressed and stamped and is deposited in the mail on or before the last day for filing same, the same, if received by the clerk not more than 10 days tardily, shall be filed by the clerk and be deemed filed in time. A legible postmark affixed by the United States Postal Service shall be prima facie evidence of the date of mailing.