As the custodian of District Court records, our office handles care, custody and control of all documents filed in our office.

To obtain copies of court records you must have the following information:

Case Number – Without a case number you will be charged a $5 records research fee

Copy fees for court records:

  • Non-Certified Paper Copies – $1 per page
  • Non-Certified Electronic Copies – $1 for 1-10 pages plus 10 cents per page for 11 or more pages   
  • Certified Paper Copies – $1 per page plus $5 Certification/Seal Fee
  • Certified Electronic Copies – $1 for 1-10 pages plus 10 cents per page for 11 or more pages plus $5 Certification/Seal Fee

If you mail your request, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for certified copies and include a valid e-mail address for non-certified copies. 

                **NO Personal Checks Accepted and NO FedEX Shipping**

Please note:  

On July 9, 2021 the Supreme Court signed an order amending TRCP Rule 145.  Effective September 1, 2021, copies will be considered court costs and the District Clerk will no longer be able to collect copy fees for cases with Statements of Inability to Pay (AI). 

Rule 145. Payment of Costs Not Required

(a) Costs Defined. “Costs” mean any fee charged by the court or an officer of the court, including, but not limited to, filing fees, fees for issuance and service of process, fees for copies, fees for a court-appointed professional, and fees charged by the clerk or court reporter for preparation of the appellate record. 

You may come in person, or mail your request to the appropriate office for your request.

  • Disposed Family Law/Civil Case - 200 E. Weatherford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76196 (Attn: Records)
  • Felony Criminal Case - 401 W. Belknap Street, Fort Worth, TX 76196 (Attn: Criminal Section)