Contact Information

Robert Carter, Jr.
Assistant Director - Support Services

100 W. Weatherford Street, Room 460B
Fort Worth, Texas 76196


Support Services Division

The Support Services Group has a professional staff which is given the responsibility of special event operations (set-up of public speaking events, monthly property auctions on the Courthouse steps, etc.), moving equipment and furniture for County departments and overseeing the efforts of more than 75 out-sourced janitorial staff.

Support Services 1
Transferring County assets

Support Services 2
Forklift Operation

Support Services 3
Verifying asset inventory



Reprographics Division

The Reprographics Division is comprised of Graphics, Printing, Bindery and Photo Services.  These areas handle different stages of the production process, and work together to produce quality design, printing of forms, brochures, manuals, posters and photos.  More than 14 million pieces of printed material are generated annually by Reprographics.    

Business Card Press and Thermographer
 Business Card Press and Thermographer

Copy Center
Copy Center

Collator with Stitcher, Folder and Trimmer
 Collator with Stitcher, Folder and Trimmer



Mailroom Division

With over 5 million pieces of mail processed yearly. Tarrant County operates two full-service mailrooms in downtown Fort Worth -- our main hub in the Administration Building as well as the Justice Center Building.  Both use state-of-the-art, high-volume mail postage machines.

Incoming letters, packages as well as inter-office mail are processed and sorted for pick up or delivery to our eight buildings in the downtown campus and surrounding area.  Rain, sleet or snow, the Tarrant County Mailroom will assure mail is delivered safe, secure, on time and on schedule.

Digital Postage Machine
Digital Postage Machine

24/7 External PO Boxes

All Mail & Packages Sort & Scanned



Recycle Center Division

The latest addition to the Support Services Group is the Recycle Center staff.  Responsibility for County paper recycling was transferred to the Facilities Management Department in October 2010.  The Recycle Division consists of three employees who pick-up, shred, bale and assist with the sale of over 500 tons of paper and cardboard each year.  The Recycle Division supports CSCD and Labor Detail programs by providing projects for the participants to work on while fulfilling their time commitments to the local courts.  Contingent on their availability, the number of participants used to assist with the production of bales fluctuates.  It is our goal to use all available labor and resources to divert waste created by Tarrant County and partnering organizations from the landfill.

Recycle 1
Recycle Bin

Recycle 2
Allegheny Shredder

Recycle 3
Recycled Paper