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# Questions Answers
1 Does the court accept filings by email or fax? The court does not accept filings by fax or email. Those arrangements must be made with the Tarrant County District Clerk's Office.
2 What is your procedure concerning preferential settings of cases? There must be some compelling reason to preferentially set a case, such as litigants and/or witnesses live outside of the DFW area, age of case, sensitivity of issues.
3 What procedures should be followed to obtain an expedited hearing? A motion for an expedited hearing should be filed detailing the reason there is a need for an expedited hearing. Motion should be accompanied with a notice of hearing.
4 What are your procedures for pre-trial conferences?

Cases approaching six months in age will be set for pre-trial conference by the court. Attorneys may also request a pre-trial conference at any time. A pre-trial scheduling order will be issued at the conclusion of the pre-trial conference.

Litigants and attorneys are expected to know the contested issues, whether or not a jury trial will be necessary, and the anticipated length of the trial.

Most pre-trial conferences are scheduled on Fridays. Attorneys may appear by telephone conference call at pre-trial conferences.

5 What is your procedure for continuing trials? How early will you grant/deny a request and how early do you want the request made?

Requests to continue a final trial must be made in writing and signed by the attorney and their client. Requests should be made as soon as the need for a continuance becomes apparent.

Whether or not a continuance will be granted depends on the facts and circumstances of that particular case.

6 What are your procedures for referring cases to alternate dispute resolution before temporary orders? Before trial?

Unless there are allegations of abuse toward a spouse or child, most cases are referred to mediation. The court will attempt to reach a consensus as to the selection of the mediator.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of each case, a case may be referred to ADR before temporary orders upon request of either of the parties or upon the motion of the court.